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Why Satin Ice

The Professional's Choice

Rolls thinner & goes further • Great taste that melts in your mouth • Premium quality & workability • Proudly made in America

Cake artists these days have a wide range of fondant options but despite the competition, Satin Ice remains the true professionals choice. Manufactured in an FSSC 22000 certified plant, ensuring the very highest standards for quality and sourcing the finest ingredients around the world, Satin Ice products are unparalleled. With a passionate following of home bakers and professional cake decorators, Satin Ice satisfies the demands of artists everywhere.

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Recognized the world over for its premium quality, workability and taste... Satin Ice satisfies the demands of the best cake artists in the world.

"Satin Ice fondant is magical. It's the only fondant I use for every cake project. It's delicious, workable, forgiving and fantastic for sculpting. Hands down the absolute best in the industry."

Fernanda Abarca ~ Cake Artist


Available in an extensive range of colors, Satin Ice is smooth, pliable and forgiving. The perfect workability to create sculptural masterpieces!

"There are no creative boundaries for my cakes. Satin Ice always delivers on consistency and workability."

Ron Ben-Isreal ~ Master Confectioner


Satin Ice fondant is a low cost ingredient that completely transforms a cake...attracting a higher price for your cake and greater profit margins to grow your business.

"Satin Ice fondant grows my business. Fondant cakes excite customers... generating much higher profits."

Lisa Mansour ~ Cake Artist & Business Owner

Giving Back

Every purchase of Satin Ice products supports the Icing Smiles mission

Since 2010, Satin Ice has partnered with Icing Smiles to support their mission "Baking A Difference". Over 16,000 custom celebration cakes have been created and delivered by almost 10,000 volunteer bakers and cake artists nationwide. Learn More

Quality Assurance

TESTING: At Satin Fine Foods, we test every single batch of fondant and gum paste we produce. We sheet our test samples and routinely test and grade for color, smell, temperature, taste, elasticity, smoothness, texture and aroma.

CERTIFICATION: Satin Ice is proud to have the globally recognized certification, Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000).

INGREDIENTS: Satin Fine Foods, Inc. is committed to sourcing the best ingredients while keeping our customers satisfied and consistently delivering a premium quality product.

In order to keep that promise, we only purchase and use a Palm Oil vendor who is committed to sustainability and is an RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) member. We purchase from vendors who have established corporate sustainability commitments to build traceable palm oil supply chains and seek compliance throughout the supply chain relative to RSPO policies which includes: no deforestation, no peat, and no exploitation when maintaining all of their plantations as part of their commitment to conserve natural resources and biodiversity. We are assured our suppliers integrate responsible development into their operational plans and policies. Together with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local communities, they monitor their impact on the environment and develop partnerships to conserve resources and biodiversity.

RSPO Members must be committed to the following:

a. Maintain membership of The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

b. Improving the sustainability of palm oil production processing and trading

c. Protect endangered animal species and natural habitats Support sustainable palm production – this includes ensuring sound environmental management on their own plantations and to work with NGOs and local communities to preserve biodiversity and protect populations and habitats of orangutans.

We at Satin Fine Foods continually investigate and keep up on the source of our ingredients. Our company remains dedicated and conscious of our product, our ingredients and how it effects the environment as well as our customers.

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