The Shimmer Collection

ON TREND Trends come and go but these shimmering shades have been catching attention for years. SAVE TIME Because metallic accents so often required extra labor and materials, we wanted to simplify the process by providing a fondant pre-mixed with glitter AND keeping food safety top of mind. SAVE MATERIALS The Shimmer Collection will give you a beautiful base that can easily be enhanced with just a little bit of luster dust, paint or leaf.

Gluten Free • Nut Free • Dairy Free • Vegan • Kosher Pareve

3 colors available in the following sizes:
4.4 oz Foil, 1 lb, 2 lb, and 5 lb Pails


Get Creative With Shimmer!

Create Shimmer In Any Shade

Picking our shades of gold, silver and pearl was like picking a star from the sky. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from and many artists have their own signature shades that they use to represent metallic colors. Our gold shade matches closest to a 24 karat gold leaf color, and our silver is a slightly warm mid-tone silver.  These shades are great on their own, or used as a base to easily mix variations such as an antiqued gold, steampunk copper or a cool galaxy silver. With our color mix guide below, an entire rainbow of glittery colors can be created using our shimmers and classic colors!

Mix shimmer fondant with our standard fondant colors:

Create Natural Stone Finishes With Ease

The veining and subtle shimmer that come from mixing traditional fondant colors and shimmer fondant, create a beautiful natural stone look.

Mix and match techniques for endless creativity!

  • POLISHED FINISH Apply a coat of clear cold glaze on the Shimmer fondant. For extra shimmer try a shimmer cold glaze.
  • BRUSHED FINISH Brush luster dust over the fondant covering for a dry brush look. 
  • RICH FINISH Paint or airbrush a thin coat of edible metallic paint for a full shine. The heavier the coverage, the less fondant will show through. 
  • FOIL FINISH Shimmer fondant works as a beautiful base when paired with Silver or Gold Leaf.

Product Specifications


Shimmer Vanilla Fondant: Sugar, corn syrup, water, canola oil, palm oil, natural and artificial flavors, cellulose gum (E466)(thickener), modified corn starch, potassium sorbate (E202) (preservative), glycerin (E422) (humectant), acetic acid (E260) (preservative), pearlescent pigment. May contain one or more of the following: caramel color (E150c), titanium dioxide (E171)(coloring), blue 1 (E133), red 40 (E129), yellow 6 (E110), red 3 (E127), yellow 5 (E102).


Assuming you do not introduce moisture into the pail and it is sealed properly again, it is good for at least six months after being opened. Fondant can be stored at ambient temperature.

The shelf life of our products range from 12-18 months, depending on ingredients and color and will be marked on each individual product with a ‘Best Before’ Date. This date means that in order to experience the optimal texture, taste, color and aroma of our product, we recommend using it before this date. Once the fondant has been opened, assuming it is still under the best before date and has been handled and stored properly (see Storage), we recommend using it within 6 months. Please note that prolonged exposure to light may affect color.

COVERED CAKE: When applied correctly, Satin Ice seals the cake, which extends the shelf life. - A boxed, fondant-covered cake at room temperature is good for 7-10 days. However, if it has a dairy filling this would reduce to 3-4 days, depending on filling.

- Once in the refrigerator, assuming the cake is boxed, two to three weeks would be an approximate shelf life. With this being said, the more air-proof the box, the longer the shelf life. When refrigerating, it is best to cover your cake, or seal it in plastic wrap, as most refrigerators – standard home or commercial – have high humidity which can cause water droplets to form on your decorated cake.


What allergies should I be aware of? We are happy to say our Fondant is Allergen-Free, Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Nut Free. 

Is Satin Ice vegan? Satin Ice Fondant is 100% vegan. The glycerine used is plant derived and our sugar is not filtered through bone char. 

Is Satin Ice Kosher/Paerve? Yes! For our Kosher Certificate, please contact us.

Is Satin Ice Halal certified? We are happy to say that we have a line of Halal Certified products. These are available by request to the distributor or shop that you purchase from.

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