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ON TREND Trends come and go but these shimmering shades have been catching attention for years. SAVE TIME Because metallic accents so often required extra labor and materials, we wanted to simplify the process by providing a fondant pre-mixed with glitter AND keeping food safety top of mind. SAVE MATERIALS The Shimmer Collection will give you a beautiful base that can easily be enhanced with just a little bit of luster dust, paint or leaf.

Three Shimmering Shades - Four Convenient Sizes

available in the US and Canada

Usage Tips

• TO START The fondant must be kneaded until the gums become more elastic and the product is smooth and pliable. 

• COVERING CAKES The paneling technique is suggested as it will avoid the challenges of draping. Working quickly and sheeting or rolling the fondant to 1/16" and 1/8" is best. The fondant should be handled delicately and not over stretched. 

• STICKINESS If fondant is sticking to hands, a tiny amount of shortening or vegetable oil can be rubbed on hands. Corn starch should be used sparingly, only very little will be needed on work surfaces.

Color Variance 

Our shimmer fondant will have color and size variations in the fine iridescent particles, this is perfectly normal and a mark of the natural beauty of the edible pigment we use. These particles will be most evident in the pearl fondant which is a clean light ivory base color. The edible pigment we use is crafted using a pure mineral, which has a rainbow appearance when looked at under a magnifying glass. This pearlescent finish is what reflects light to give a shiny look. We believe these small variations to be nature’s signatures, and are proud to use the only 100% safe and edible FDA approved type of pearlescent food color rather than compromising our food quality with using metal, plastics, or other unsafe shimmery pigments which may have a more uniform shape or color.


Upon Opening Our gold and silver fondants may appear darker on the outside when first removed from the package. They also may have a slight sheen from the oils present in the fondant. Both of these observations are normal. Once the fondant is kneaded gently, the color will lighten to the true shade and any oils will work in. The finished shade on a creation will be the true shade.

Quicker Cleanup

Pearlescent pigment used in the fondant may leave residual sparkles on your hands or tools. Most of this can be washed away with regular dish or hand soap. If soap is unsuccessful, apply a small amount of food-safe cooking oil to a clean rag and wipe off. 


While our shimmer fondants have the same great workability and taste as our other Satin Ice products, you will find they do have some textural differences from our classic fondant. Our shimmer colors have a different firmness, moisture level and a small increase in elasticity. We found this to be the best canvas for our unique pearlescent pigments in performance testing. For a stiffer result after drying, Tylose or CMC can be mixed into the fondant. The shimmer fondants can also be mixed with any of our classic fondants, gum pastes, modeling or covering chocolates for different effects. 

Temperature, Storage & Handling

Store at ambient temperature, away from light to prevent fading or textural changes. Unused fondant should be resealed quickly and wrapped airtight to prevent the product from drying out. Trimmings should be stored separately.

 Edible Glitter?

We are proud to present the first fondant to feature edible FDA approved glitter. The cake world has been concerned over glittery decorating products and whether they are safe for consumption. Some glitters and dusts marketed for the creative baking industry may be labeled only as ‘non-toxic’ and not edible. Non-toxic is not the same as edible, and may contain plastic or even metals! Our Shimmer Collection fondant only uses edible pigments specifically produced for use in food and are completely safe to eat.

For bakers and decorators using our products in confectionary creations, you can advise your customers that they are getting only edible pigments. The FDA has set approved usage levels for these specialty pigments in finished confectionary goods. To help our conscientious bakers ensure their confectionaries are compliant, we have made it quick and easy to do that by following our recommended usage instructions below:    

Covering cakes: Crumb coat cake with buttercream. Knead fondant until pliable. Roll 1/16-1/8” thin on a non-stick surface (e.g. baking mat). Use a very light dusting of cornstarch or shortening if needed to prevent sticking. While using the Paneling technique is suggested, you may also drape the fondant to cover, being cautious to work lightly in order to avoid tearing along the edges. 

Covering cupcakes: Roll to 1/16-1/8” thin, cut into circles the size of the cupcake. Frost lightly with buttercream and apply fondant to top.

Covering cookies: Roll to 1/16-1/8” thin, cut into desired shape. Use 1 oz fondant for every 3 oz or more of cookie.


Available in 4.4 OZ, 1 LB, 2 LB, 5LB


Available in 4.4 OZ, 1 LB, 2 LB, 5LB


Available in 4.4 OZ, 1 LB, 2 LB, 5LB

Color Mixing

Create Shimmer In Any Shade

Picking our shades of gold, silver and pearl was like picking a star from the sky. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from and many artists have their own signature shades that they use to represent metallic colors. Our gold shade matches closest to a 24 karat gold leaf color, and our silver is a slightly warm mid-tone silver.  These shades are great on their own, or used as a base to easily mix variations such as an antiqued gold, steampunk copper or a cool galaxy silver. With our color mix guide below, an entire rainbow of glittery colors can be created using our shimmers and classic colors!

Mix shimmer fondant with our standard fondant colors:

Create Natural Stone Finishes With Ease

The veining and subtle shimmer that come from mixing traditional fondant colors and shimmer fondant, create a beautiful natural stone look.




Surface Finishes

Our shimmer fondant has a beautiful color base with a touch of sparkle. We chose to have a light amount of glitter to give our artists the most versatile fondant to work with. The fondant can be used alone as a base color to add a subtle shimmer, or can be enhanced with a variety of fun surface treatments to give a multitude of effects.

Mix and match techniques for endless creativity!

  • POLISHED FINISH Apply a coat of clear cold glaze on the Shimmer fondant. For extra shimmer try a shimmer cold glaze.
  • BRUSHED FINISH Brush luster dust over the fondant covering for a dry brush look. 
  • RICH FINISH Paint or airbrush a thin coat of edible metallic paint for a full shine. The heavier the coverage, the less fondant will show through. 
  • FOIL FINISH Shimmer fondant works as a beautiful base when paired with Silver or Gold Leaf.

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