Gum Paste

Gum paste is a dough that rolls out very smooth - just like fondant, however gum paste is much denser and more elastic as it may be rolled super thin and formed into sugar flowers and other decorative pieces that will eventually dry hard and so as to maintain their structure and shape. Gum paste is generally not consumed but more the finished pieces are put aside and treasured as keepsakes. Gum Paste is suggested to be be used for decorative pieces only.

While our Gum Paste contains Egg Whites, we are happy to say it is Allergen-Free, Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Nut Free. To create vegan gum paste simply add Tylose or CMC (cellulose gum or gum tragacanth) to any of our Satin Ice fondants. Satin Ice is a premium quality ready-to-use gum paste. Mold into life-like flowers & leaves, elegant ruffles, character figures, & more.

Read as Artist of Excellence, Elisa Strauss covers the uses of gum paste and explores when to choose gum paste or fondant.

Gluten Free • Nut Free • Dairy Free • Vegetarian • Trans Fat Free • Kosher Pareve

 3 colors available in the following sizes
5 lb or 2.5 kg, 2 lb (0.91 kg)  


Working With Gum Paste

The moldable, shapable nature of gum paste makes it the perfect medium for everything from flowers and leaves and bows to elaborately modeled sculptures. The first step to working with gum paste is to knead it to soften it up. Once softened, you can roll it out to a thin sheet or start molding it. It will dry quicker and firmer than fondant so you will need to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Basic Tips:

  • Make sure your surface, tools and hands are clean and dry
  • Wrap and seal gum paste that’s not in use
  • Work fast to keep gum paste pliable
  • Knead the gum paste, it will become softer and more pliable as you knead it
  • Avoid sticking to worksurface with shortening, cornstarch or powdered sugar
  • Roll out to about 1/8” thick
  • After use, store gum paste at room temperature 
  • Use water, piping gel or edible glue to attach gum paste pieces

Essential Tools:

  • Shaker with cornstarch/powdered sugar - eliminates sticking of gum paste to other surfacesShortening - eliminates sticking of gum paste to other surfaces, helps repair gum paste that is slightly dried/cracking
  • Non-stick Silicone mat - work area for rolling out gum paste
  • Rolling pin - 17” for large projects, 7” rolling pin for small projects
  • Small offset spatula - helps lift delicate gum paste shapes
  • Revolving cake stand - revolving stands make it easier to work around the cake
  • Paintbrush - water acts as an adhesive for gum paste, use a paintbrush to apply water to fondant
  • Sculpting tool set (5,7, or 9 piece - plastic or stainless steel) - form, shape, mark and imprint gum paste decoration
  • Ball Tool - for making frills, petals and modeling figures
  • Foam Pad - for thinning and shaping petals
  • Cutters - for easily getting flower form and shape







Product Information


Colored: Sugar, corn syrup, water, palm oil, gum tragacanth (E413) (stabilizer), egg white, cellulose gum (E466) (thickener), natural and artificial flavors, modified corn starch, potassium sorbate (E202)(preservative), acetic acid (E460) (preservative). For Black: blue 1 (E133), red 40 (E129), yellow 6 (E110), red 3 (E127), yellow 5 (E102) For Blue: blue 1 (E133) For Green: yellow 5 (E102), blue 1 (E133) For Red: red 40 (E129), red 3 (E127), yellow 6 (E110) For Yellow: yellow 5 (E102). White: Sugar, corn syrup, water, palm oil, gum tragacanth (E413)(stabilizer), egg white, titanium dioxide (E171) (coloring), cellulose gum (E466) (thickener), natural and artificial flavors, modified corn starch, potassium sorbate (E202) (preservative), acetic acid (E260) (preservative).


 Assuming you do not introduce moisture into the pail and it is sealed properly again, it is good for at least six months after being opened. Gum Paste can be stored at ambient temperature.

The shelf life of our products range from 12-18 months, depending on ingredients and color and will be marked on each individual product with a ‘Best Before’ Date. This date means that in order to experience the optimal texture, taste, color and aroma of our product, we recommend using it before this date. Once the gum paste has been opened, assuming it is still under the best before date and has been handled and stored properly (see Storage), we recommend using it within 6 months. Please note that prolonged exposure to light may affect color.


What allergies should I be aware of? We are happy to say our Fondant and Gum Paste are Allergen-Free, Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Nut Free. Please note our Gum Paste contains Egg Whites.

Is Satin Ice vegan?  Our Satin Ice Gum Paste contains egg whites. To create vegan gum paste simply add Tylose or CMC (cellulose gum or gum tragacanth) to any of our Satin Ice fondants.

Is Satin Ice Kosher/Paerve? Yes! For our Kosher Certificate, please contact us.

Is Satin Ice Halal certified? We are happy to say that we have a line of Halal Certified products. These are available by request to the distributor or shop that you purchase from.

Is tartrazine found in Satin Ice? Tartrazine is food coloring Yellow 5 (US) or E102 (Europe) and is used in coloring our Yellow, Green, and Black gumpaste.

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