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Grow your Business

How Can Fondant Grow My Business?

In recent years, fondant has solidified itself as an artistic medium that can also be an extremely useful business growth opportunity. With established markets all over the world – Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America – and popular TV shows and Celebrity Chefs showcasing the use and benefits of fondant, it’s clear that the world has embraced the creative and profitable opportunity that fondant has to offer.

Fondant allows you more creative flexibility to make things that cannot be done with just buttercream alone, which translates into a higher price point. On average, fondant covered cakes are priced two to three times more than a buttercream cake. Fondant can be rolled thin, excess can be saved for future use and it even extends the shelf life of your cake – all features that allow for fondant to remain a low-cost and efficient ingredient.

Fondant vs. Buttercream

If you are already an established baker and aren’t using fondant, what are you waiting for? Aside from the great profit opportunity, here are some of the many advantages that fondant can offer over buttercream alone:

  • Fondant in storage has a long shelf life – some up to 18 months
  • Fondant creates a smooth cake surface in one application, versus buttercream that can require tedious smoothing and multiple applications
  • Satin Ice colored fondant are extremely vibrant and do not need the addition of food color – plus it holds color longer than colored buttercream
  • Fondant can be molded into a multitude of shapes and designs with ease and efficiency, creating a realistic look – much more challenging, if not sometimes impossible, with buttercream
  • Fondant decorations can be made in advance and stored, allowing for great productivity
  • Once the fondant is set on the cake, you don’t have to worry about accidentally denting when decorating like you would with buttercream
  • Fondant does not break down and separate like buttercream
  • Fondant trimmings can be sealed for reuse, so there is no waste
  • Fondant is more stable than buttercream: it seals the cake, creating a much longer shelf life.

Presenting Fondant To My Customer

Some customers might be unsure of fondant because of negative criticism associated with other brands. Educating them on Satin Ice is an easy and proven way to overcome this barrier. In addition to letting them know the great benefits of Satin Ice – gluten free, nut free, diary free and soy free & vegan – let them taste it for themselves! The smooth and mellow flavor of Satin Ice is unmatched and will actually compliment the flavor of the cake. To further back your use of fondant, make sure to show them examples of your best work. Having display cakes out and a ‘look book’ for them to browse through, can quickly demonstrate the endless possibilities with fondant.

How To Price A Fondant Cake

In a word: research. To contend with similar businesses in your area, it is imperative to research what they are charging so you can be competitive with the going rate of a fondant cake. In many cases, the cost would be two to three times the cost of a buttercream cake, however you have to factor in the demographic and what your competitors are charging. While you don’t want to be way overpriced and turn away customers, you also don’t want to see yourself short.

Photography & Building a Cake Collection

Quality photography is essential. Make sure shots are clear, in focus and at various angles with close-ups to show detail. Photographing your work in stages creates greater interest and can be used to build tutorials if you choose. The cake should be the focus of the photograph by using a soft or solid background, good directional lighting, and neutral table setting with limited or no table decorations. When uploading to your website or social media pages, watermark your image tastefully so that does not distract from the cake. When photographing your cake, use a quality camera or hire a professional photographer with studio experience.

Once you have these images, create a portfolio ‘look book’ of your cakes, upload to your website and use as promotion on your social media pages. You can create a website or use an online photo site to create your collection. Try and represent a broad spectrum of cakes for different events to showcase your versatility, allowing you to be more marketable. Lastly, make sure to only showcase your best work! Use this as your platform to put your best foot forward – a smaller number of top quality cake images will be far more effective than trying to show everything you’ve ever worked on.

Marketing My Business

Build your brand and create a buzz about your business by always promoting your work. Create a website and get involved in social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., are all great for showcasing cake artists. Set yourself apart and bring attention to what makes you unique and stand out from competition.
If you are just getting started, take full advantage of social media to get free exposure and remain active on the different platforms. Remember a Facebook page (or any other social page) is useless if you aren’t engaging with people and gaining more exposure. On your website, make sure to include an ‘About’ section that highlights your achievements and tells the story on how you got to where you are. Entice and invite your customer to learn more about what you create by describing your services and include stories about past clients and their satisfaction. Testimonials are a ‘must have’, so make sure to ask your customers to express their excitement about your work.

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