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"With Love" Valentine Cake

Express your love for that special someone with this cake bursting with love!

By Nisha Fernando Sweet Delights Cakery


  • Satin Ice Fondant - white
  • Gum paste - red, dark pink, caramel brown
  • Petal dust - chocolate brown
  • Disco dust - ruby red
  • Gel colors - ivory, chocolate brown
  • Candy melts
  • Round tip #12
  • Brushes
  • Ruler
  • Exacto knife
  • Wood grain mat
  • Heart shape cutters - 2 sizes
  • Extruder
  • Gum glue - Mix 1/4 cup hot water & 1/4 tsp Tylose powder - cover the container and let rest overnight in the refrigerator.
  • Rolling pin
  • Herb mincer
  • Alphabet letter cutter set
  • Cookie sticks

Stock up on fondant and Lets get started:

  • (Photos below) - Cover an 8" high 7" diameter double barrel cake with white fondant.
  • To make the wood grain panels: roll out white fondant to a 1/8" thickness and then place the wood grain mat over the fondant and roll with a rolling pin to get the wood grain markings on the fondant.
  • Cut 2" x 8" strips from the fondant - for this cake you would need 10 strips.
  • Mix ivory with chocolate brown gel color and add some water to dilute the mixture. Using a fine tip brush, paint the lines on the wood grain pattern.


  • (Photos below) - Let the painted lines dry for a few minutes.
  • Using chocolate petal dust, add some shading on the top and bottom edges of the wood grain plank and in random areas of the plank.
  • Apply some piping gel on the cake and attach the planks vertically as shown.


  • (Photos below) - Roll out a red colored gum paste into a #2 thickness in a pasta machine or to a 1/8" thickness using a rolling pin. Cut out a small and large heart. On the larger heart, using a #12 round tip, cut out a circle on the top right corner of the heart and let the hearts dry overnight.
  • On the smaller heart, apply some gum glue and sprinkle some ruby red disco dust.
  • Roll a red gum paste 1/8" thickness and using a heart shape template - cut out a heart and let it dry overnight.
  • Take one of the strips and roll 1/2 of it into a tight coil as shown.
  • Apply some gum glue to one side of the heart that you made.
  • Take the coil you made and place it on one side of the heart shown making sure that the beginning of the coil is secured well with gum glue.
  • Make another coil and attach it to the half of the heart and trim off the edges.
  • Make two more coils and attach them into a shape of a smaller heart.
  • Fill the heart by adding more coils to the heart.
  • Roll out a dark pink gum paste into #4 thickness in a pasta machine or to a 1/16" thickness using a rolling pin. Then, cut out 1/4" strips using an herb mincer.
  • Take the strips and roll them into tight coils as shown and secure the end of the coil by adding some gum glue.
  • Making a few more of these coils in different sizes.
  • Attach the coils to the heart topper where there is room - and let the topper dry overnight.
  • Roll out red gum paste to 1/16" thickness and use the alphabet cutout to cut out the letters L-O-V-E - and let dry over night. Once dry apply some gum glue to the letters and sprinkle ruby red disco dust on it.
  • To make the heart tag: take two hearts, that were made earlier, and use candy melts to attach them together.


  • (Photos below) - Apply the smaller heart on top of the larger one.
  • Using candy melts, attach a cookie stick to the back of the heart topper that you made and let dry for an hour.
  • To make the string: color the gum paste a caramel color. Using an extruder with the disc, make two long strings that are long enough to go around the cake. You will need to make more of these strings later.
  • Take the string and twist both ends in the opposite direction to get a string/rope effect.
  • Follow the above steps to make another string and cut two 4" lengths to make the loops for the bow. Apply some gum glue to attach the two ends together. 
  • Crumple a tissue and then place the two loops on the top to have some movement on the loops when dry. Let sit overnight.
  • Using candy melts start to attach the first string to the cake. Place the string two-thirds of the way down from the top of the cake - making sure it is attached diagonally around the cake.
  • Before attaching the other end of the string - attach the heart tag to the end of the string using candy melts.
  • Attach the other end of the string by making sure to pass it through the hole of the heart tag.
  • Attach the second string diagonally onto the cake. To make the tail ends of the bow - cut two 2" - 3" length strings and attach them to where the two ropes cross each other.


  • (Photos below) - Using candy melts; attach the two loops of the string as shown above.
  • Use two 3/4" length strings and attach them to the center of the bow to make the knot of the bow.
  • Attach the letters "Love" to the cake using candy melts.
  • Finally, attach the Heart Topper to the top center of the cake by inserting the cookie stick into the cake.



To see and learn more about Nisha and her cakes - check out her Facebook page and website!


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