Witch Cake

How to make a colorful and cute Witch Cake for Halloween!

By Lisa Mansour
NY Cake

  • Satin Ice fondant - purple, orange, black, white, brown, yellow, green
  • (1) 9' and (1) 8" cake
  • Rolling pin
  • Pisces cutter
  • Piping gel
  • Extruder
  • High heel trio mold
  • Food dye - black
  • Ball tool
  • Lemon extract mixed with gold luster dust
  • Paintbrush

Let's Get Started:


(Left to right)

  • Roll out purple fondant and cover 9" cake.
  • Roll out black and orange fondant and use the Pisces cutter (cut out multiples in each color)
  • Place cut outs on the sides of the purple cake in a pattern you like (be sure to leave space between cutouts so the purple underneath shows through). Make sure to have the pattern wrap over the top edge of the cake.
  • Roll out white fondant and cover the 8" cake. Stack the white cake on top of the purple/orange/black cake.
  • Roll out two long snakes of black and orange fondant (try to make them even in size).
  • Twist the orange and black snakes around each other.
  • Place the twist along the top edge of the white cake and attach with piping gel.
  • The Witch Broom: Load brown fondant into extruder and use large circle attachment. Roll out a snake 3 - 3 1/2 inches and let dry straight.
  • Load yellow fondant in extruder and use attachment with 19 small holes. Roll out tiny snakes 1 - 2 inches. Gather the tiny snakes around the end of the brown stick to resemble a broom. Attach the yellow snakes with piping gel and use one yellow strand to wrap around the top of the gathered strips and the brown stick. Let set.


  • Witch legs & skirt: Using the high heel trio mold - press black fondant into the boot mold. Remove from mold and set aside.
  • Roll out a small piece of orange fondant (not too thin), and cut (2) 3" strips.
  • With the black dye - paint polka dots or stripes (any pattern you choose), on the strips.
  • Place orange strips onto the shoes overlapping so they look like legs.


  • Roll out black and green fondant for skirt (very thin). Cut 3" strips - two in each color. With the ball tool ruffle one side of each strip. Cut one thin black strip to be the top/belt of the skirt.
  • Layer the two black ruffled strips on top of each other and the two green ruffled strips on top of them - making sure the ruffle shows.
  • Gather the four layers at the top folding them gently and bunching them to enhance the ruffles.
  • Lay the small belt strip over the top covering any fold marks.
  • Place the skirt on top of the orange legs and attach with piping gel. Cut out 3 tiny black squares - attach 2 to the shoes and 1 to the middle of the belt. Mix lemon extract and gold luster dust, and then use to paint edges of squares creating buckles. Repeat steps enough times for witches to go on all sides of the cake (approximately 4-6 witches).


  • With piping gel attach all witches and brooms to the sides of the white cake spacing them evenly.


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