Vertical Ruffles

These vertical ruffles are fast, easy to make and offer stunning visual results!

Rebekah notes: The ruffles look best, when adhered to a cake covered with a matching shade of fondant. This prevents any white fondant showing through between the ruffles and gives a seamless appearance. For this tutorial, we used a contrasting shade so it was easier to identify the ruffles.

By Rebekah Wilbur
Rebekah Naomi Design

  • Satin Ice Red Vanilla Fondant

To Prepare: Measure the height and circumference of the cake tier.

  • Condition some red Satin Ice Gum Paste or red Satin Ice Fondant (both work equally well) with a little vegetable shortening. Roll out to 3 mm thickness using a small rolling pin. The piece of paste should be wide enough, that when strips are cut, they will be long enough to extend to the height of the cake tier.


  • Cut the length of gum paste into 1-inch wide strips.


  • Take one strip of gum paste and using the smooth end of a small rolling pin, gently thin the edge of one side by running the pin back and forth in an up and down motion. Rebekah notes: You can also use a soft foam pad underneath to prevent any tearing.


  • Next, take a large ball tool, and ruffle the same edge that you just thinned, by pressing the ball tool into the paste and again running the tool up and down.


  • Apply a little edible glue to the cake and adhere the strip, with the thickest end of the strip against the cake. Make sure that the thin ruffled side, does not stick to the cake.


  • Once the strip is secure, fold the strip back, so that the ruffled edge is perpendicular to the cake. The gum paste should be firm enough that the ruffle won’t collapse, but if it does start to sag, simply use your finger to tease it into shape.
    Rebekah notes: You can also use some sterile pins.


  • Continue this process going all the way around the perimeter of the cake. Rebekah notes: The closer you place the strips together the more full the ruffles will look.


  • Once the cake is covered, use scissors, or a sharp knife, to remove any overhanging ruffles. Allow to dry overnight.


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