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Candy Heart Bracelet

A cute candy heart bracelet made from fondant is the perfect project to enjoy with kids of all ages this Valentine's Day!

By Erica O'Brien
Erica O'Brien Cake Design

  • Small rolling pin
  • Small heart cutter
  • Small round icing tip (we used tip 2)
  • Elastic thread
  • Fondant in colors of your choice

We can't think of anything cuter than a candy heart bracelet - and this Valentine's Day you can make your own thanks to Erica O'Brien cake design.

Let's Get Started:

  • With small acrylic rolling pin, roll fondant thicker than you might normally roll, about 1/8".

  • Begin cutting hearts using small heart cutter. To estimate the number of hearts you'll need, first measure the recipient's wrist with a tape measure. Then multiply the wrist size (in inches) by 8 (since each heart will be about 1/8" thick).

  • Next, use the small icing tip to cut a hole in the top left corner of each heart, leaving enough space around the hole so the fondant will not break.

  • Continue until you have as many hearts as you need. Allow hearts to dry, at least overnight.

To see the full Candy Heart tutorial:

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