V-Petal Ruffles

A new and easy technique to make simple - yet elegant fondant ruffles!

By Violet Lin Tran
The Violet Cake Shop™


Cut out an oval using a 2.5" oval cutter


Flip the oval over and dab some water on the very end of one side of the oval - this is the underside that will end up inside the folds.


Fold oval over, so the good side shows on the outside.


Mark the center with the end of your brush - this helps with folding.


Dab some water just on the end of the folded oval.


Fold the ruffle at the crease you made - and pinch the end so it creates a
point or "v."


Cut a small portion off the bottom - NOTE: this is only needed for the first row of ruffles that rest on the cakeboard.


  • Attach the first row to your cake with a dab of water down the center of the back - if they have dried a bit, you may need to add more water and hold longer.
  • Add additional ruffles in rows (use these three columns above for reference).
  • When adding V-Petals on top of existing ones, dab water under the point of "V" of the new petal before attaching. Sit each new petal inside the top gap of the previous ruffle underneath.
  • Pinch the top loops together if necessary to neaten up the seams and try to ensure that each column is straight as you work your way up.


Keep working along until you complete the whole tier!

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