Unicorn Figurine

An adorable step-by-step tutorial on how to make the very popular Unicorn cake topper!

By Monique Ascanellie
The Cake Topper

  • Satin Ice fondant in a variety of rainbow colors (4 oz. of each color)
  • Edible glue
  • Toothpick
  • Modeling tools
  • Small paintbrush


Let's Get Started:

  • First We will create the head, using Satin Ice white fondant make a rounded teardrop shape (or pear shape and set aside. Create a slightly smaller tear drop shape to form the body, set this aside to firm up.


  • Using the ball tool, press two holes into the upper part of the tear drop, this will form the eye cavities.


  • Form two small yellow balls and press them with your thumb to flatten them, glue them to the eye cavities you created earlier.


  • Form two small, round eyes from white fondant. Make two very small black balls of fondant for the pupils. (The pupils are best positioned in the middle down).


  • To finish the eyes, make two tiny white balls (quarter size of the black balls) and glue on top of the pupils, positioning the white flecks on the upper side.
    Horn: using yellow fondant model a small cone, and using a knife or a modeling tool, add lines (the cone will look like a carrot.)


  • Ears: model two rounded sausages that tapers at either end. Press in the center to indent it. Add a tiny pink sausage in the center as shown. Twist both ends and glue onto the head to the left and right side of the horn.



  • Hair: model a rhombus shape and define the edges. With the knife tool, add texture as shown. Glue the hair onto the head right behind the horn between the ears.


  • Nostrils: To add the nostrils, make little heart shapes with some orange paste and attach to the muzzle of the unicorn as shown.


  • Finally add a little band of blue fondant across the muzzle.
  • Legs: Using white fondant, model 2 rounded cones, keep the bigger circular surface flat. This will leave some surface area in which to attach the little “heart” hooves. 
  • Arms: To create the arms, use the same procedure as for the legs, but make the arms a bit smaller.  
  • Monique notes: The legs & arms can be glued to the body with edible glue or water, you can use dried spaghetti as toothpicks to make them more stable.


  • Tail: Make a small hole in the rear of the body. Model sausages in different colored fondant, glue them together and with the knife tool add texture. Glue one of the edges into the hole, if the tail is heavy, use some cotton pads to support it until it is dry. 



  • Heart Hooves: model little balls in different color fondant, press to flatten, and form a triangle, make a small cut with the knife tool to give a heart shape.


  • Finally, place the head on top of the body, you can use a toothpick or spaghetti to add stability to the head if you wish.  


  • You can paint the horn with a little edible gold paint made by mixing a gold luster with a little alcohol.


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