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Teddy Bear Cakesicle

In six easy steps - you can make your very own Beary Cute Cakesicle!

By Lulu Goh
Sweet Endings By Lulu

  • Satin Ice Dark Chocolate Fondant
  • Chocolate Dipped Cakesicle - ready to go

Step 1:

Start with a chocolate dipped cakesicle.


Step 2:

Roll out a piece of dark brown fondant and wrap over.


Step 3:

Shape the legs, and attach to the cakesicle sticks with edible glue.
Part b: Using a 1M piping tip, create the furry effect all over. (a grass tip works just as well).


Step 4:

Add the shirt and flower bouquet.


Step 5:

Shape hands and ears, and repeat the piping tip method to create furs.
Add facial features, and you have a beary cute teddy bear cakesicle!


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