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Sweet Elephant Topper

Looking for something cute to decorate a baby shower cake - if so give this sweet elephant tutorial a try.

By Barbara Luraschi
Sweet Janis

  • Gel colors: black and white
  • Satin Ice fondant: light blue, white, black, light yellow
  • Edible glue
  • Craft knife
  • Rolling pin
  • Decorative rolling pin
  • Fine paintbrush
  • Ball tool
  • Heart cutter
  • Mini square cutter

To make the body (follow clockwise):

  • Model a teardrop shape of light blue fondant.
  • Form the legs by cutting the ball in half in an oblique direction. Take a cylinder of light blue to start to shape the legs and foot.
  • To shape the foot/paw: Flatten the oblique ends of the cylinder and apply to the body with a bit of water or edible glue.
  • Proceed in the same way for the front legs of the elephant.

  • Roll a ball of light blue fondant and shape the ball into a teardrop to make the head. Flatten the eye area with your finger.
  • Cut the mouth using the craft knife and indent the dimples on the sides with the small ball tool.
  • For the trunk of the elephant: Shape a cone of light blue fondant.
  • Add a hollow area at the end using the ball tool. 

  • Apply the trunk to the body with water or edible glue just above the mouth. Indent the eye sockets with the small ball tool and engrave the toes using the craft knife.
  • Roll out some white fondant and cut out two triangles - stick them in the middle of the ears.
  • Position the ears on the sides of the head with edible glue. 
  • Insert two small balls of white fondant in the eye cavity, and then apply two smaller black balls for the pupils. Complete the head of the elephant above the forehead by adding a tuft.

  • Paint eyebrows with black coloring gel. Decorate the ears using a fine paintbrush and white coloring gel.

  • Roll out white fondant and cut out a rectangle - apply texture with the decorative rolling pin.
  • Cut out six squares with the mini cutter.

  • Using the same procedure, roll out the light blue and yellow fondant and apply texture with the decorative rolling pin.
  • Cut out 3 yellow and 3 blue squares with the mini cutter.
  • Insert the colored squares within the space in the carpet - making sure to wet the edges with water to seal them.
  • Create the fringe on the carpet by using the craft knife.

  • Cut out four small yellow hearts and stick them on the corners of the carpet. 

  • Put the baby elephant in the center of the carpet and you are finished!

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