Summer Yellow Wedding Cake

By Eva Salazar

  • Satin Ice Gum Paste - White
  • 20" gauge wire
  • Peony cutters
  • Printed wafer paper
  • Piping gel
  • Paintbrush
  • Craft knife or scalpel
  • Flower veiner
  • Ball tool

Let's Get Started:


  • With the peony cutter  cut 5 petals (if you want to make some extra is perfect too) of white gum paste.
  • Dip the wire with some water and insert into the petal.
  • Cut the same shape of wafer paper, you can make it with the same cutter helping you with the craft knife
  • Add piping gel to the entire gum paste petal and apply the wafer paper cut out on top. Pass the rolling pin lightly thought the petal to make sure that both parts are well integrated.
  • Put the petal in the vainer to get the texture.
  • With the ball tool ruffle the extra gum paste on the sides to create some movement.


  • Let the petals dry in a apple tray or in a round container to give it the shape. I make my flowers the day before (minimum!!!)


  • When all the petals are dry just assemble them with the floral tape as you would do in a regular flowers.


  • Eva added a nice but very simple center with some white gum paste little balls and create the steams with yellow thread and here its  my wafer paper gum paste peony flower!! I made two different sizes but at the end I just used the small one as the big one was too much for a simple cake.
  • The rest of the cake is a two tiers white Satin Ice fondant covered cake with different heights. The bottom tier is extra high to create a nice dimension. 


  • Before attach the stripes, mark with a knife or a tool the parts where you want to attach the drapes so this way you have a reference and when you finish the cake is uniform and stay nice and center. 


  • Cut stripes of fondant yellow (I only use fondant, no tylose and no gum paste) and make some fine and simple drapes to create the whole center. Once finished add the flower to create a beautiful arrangement!



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