Summer BBQ Grill Toppers

Perfect for any summer festivity, these BBQ fondant cupcake toppers are sure to be the hit of party.

  • Black ​Satin Ice Fondant (grill)
  • Silver ​Satin Ice Fondant (grill)
  • Chocolate Satin Ice Fondant (hamburger)
  • Burgundy Satin Ice Fondant (hot dog)
  • Peach Satin Ice Fondant (chicken)
  • Red Satin Ice Fondant (veggies)
  • Green Satin Ice Fondant (veggies)
  • Black Edible Marker
  • 5.5cm circle cutter
  • 4.5cm circle cutter
  • Knife
  • Toothpick


Step 1: For the base of the grill: Roll out some black fondant and cut a circle using a 5.5 cm circle cutter.


Step 2: For the top otter ring of the grill: roll out some silver shimmer fondant and cut out a circle using a 5.5 cm circle cutter. Then, use the 4.5 cm cutter to cut a smaller circle out of the center.


Step 3: Place the silver ring on top of the black circle


Step 4: To make the grill bars: Take the smaller silver circle that you cut out and use a knife to cut strips


Step 5: Place the strips along the black circle inside of the silver ring.


Step 6: To make a burger: Take a small amount of chocolate fondant and form a ball and press down on it with your finger to flatten it a bit. Use a black edible marker to make grill marks.

Step 7: To make a hot dog: Roll burgundy fondant into a pea size ball and then roll it into a log. Use a black edible marker to draw the grill marks

Step 8: To make the chicken kebob: Make 3 pea size balls out of peach fondant, 2 tiny red balls, then form 2 tiny green balls and flatten them. Place the “chicken” and “vegetables” on to the toothpick.


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