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Sugar Quilled Christmas Cake

Get lost in the magic of Christmas by learning how to create this beautiful quilled poinsettia from Satin Ice Artist of Excellence Rebekah Wilbur!

By Rebekah Wilbur
Rebekah Naomi Cake Design


  • Non stick cutting mat (plastic cutting board)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Small rolling pin
  • Vegetable shortening
  • Gum paste colored in your choice of gel colors (color ahead of time)
  • Food storage bags
  • Small paintbrush
  • Water for gluing or edible glue
  • Sharp knife/ribbon cutter

Let's Get Started:


  • Roll out your light and dark green gum paste and using a sharp knife, cut it lengthways into even strips (5 cm. in width) - remembering that the thinner the ribbons the more delicate the design.
  • Take one dark green ribbon and lay flat - using a small amount of water, gently brush the top side of the ribbon and lay a light green strip directly over the top. Gently apply a small amount of pressure to firmly glue the ribbons together - trim the ends.
  • Fold the whole ribbon over on itself to create a ribbon of double thickness - place the ribbon on its side and manipulate into a curl - spiraling one end in on itself. Repeat the process, varying the curvature and length of your spiral pieces until you have created 3 or 4 curled gum paste ribbons.
  • To create the leaves - take a length of the ribbon, curl it around your finger until the two ends meet and using scissors, snip the ends to create a seamless adjoining. Then gently tease the circle into a leaf shape by pinching the round end.
  • To create the holly leaves - take a long ribbon of gum paste, cut it in half (width wise) - then taking both ends fold them inward until they meet in the middle. Trim off the excess.


  • Pinch the middle where the two ends meet to create a heart shape. Repeat the process several times shortening the length of the gum paste each time by a small amount - so each heart becomes gradually smaller.


  • Lay the hearts on their side and arrange in a leaf shape - leaving space between each piece and allow to fully air dry.

To create the poinsettias


  • Roll out the red gum paste to a thickness of mm. and cut ribbons 5 cm. wide. Let air dry for several minutes.
  • Take a length of the gum paste and coil it around into a spiral circle. Repeat the process until you have 5 evenly sized circles.
  • Take another length of gum paste, fold it in half (width wise) to create a double thick layer and then wrap it around the circle - pinching the end to create a point of the flower. Use the scissors to trim the end and create the other point.
  • Wrap an additional layer of white around each of the petals. 
  • Let all decorations dry over night before arranging them into a cohesive design that works for you. Once dry you can apply all to your cake.


To see more amazing work by Rebekah Wilbur check out her Artist of Excellence page and her website - Rebekah Naomi Cake Design.

Merry Christmas!

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