Steampunk Nautical

By Ralitsa Kamburova

Let's Get Started with the Gathered Fondant Tier:

  • Cover your cakes in fondant. No need to spend a lot of time to smooth them because they are going to covered again later.
  • Roll piece of fondant/gum paste mixture (50:50) and cut into irregular pieces (see below)


  • Use the back of a paintbrush/veining tool to dust with cornstarch to prevent sticking and pinch the ends together (below)


  • Gather the piece by pressing from left to right and leave aside. Make 15-20 pieces (below)



  • Start to attach them to the cake. Brush a small area of your cake with edible glue/piping gel. Use the back of a paintbrush to attach the pieces (below)


  • No template needed, arrange them as you want (vertical, horizontal) - try to keep the billowing effect in tact (below)


Golden Corals Tier:

  • Melt isomalt in a sauce pan and color with gold (below)


  • Pour the colored isomalt over ice cubes and leave for a couple of minutes (below)


  • Place the isomalt pieces on parchment paper (below)


Blue Edible Glitter Tiers:


  • When covering a cake with edible gelatin glitter - be sure to cover your cake in the same color as your glitter.
  • Prepare acetate sheet and scraper. Add 8 tbsp of water to 2 packs of gelatin - leave it to swell. Melt the gelatin over boiling water and color it in blue (below)


  • Use royal blue airbrush color, pearl pacific blue dust and a little bit of pearl sheen airbrush color (below)


  • Spread the gelatin over the acetate sheet and leave to dry for a couple of hours/overnight (below)


  • Cut into small pieces and grind it in a coffee grinder. Sift it and back the larger pieces to grind them again. Brush your cake with edible glue and sprinkle it with the edible glitter (below)


Steampunk Seahorse:

  • Make a template of a seahorse and cut it out. Roll a piece of black fondant (mixed with xylose), then place your template over it and cut with exacto knife. Insert wire #18 and leave to dry (below)


  • Use a cog gear mold and make some cogs. Later we will cover the seahorse with cogs and lamellas.


  • For the body make lamellas using ellipse cutter, small dot cutter and star modeling tool. Cut an ellipse and cut small pieces in the middle to create the shape of number 8. Using the star modeling tool make small dots around lamella. Cut two small dots and place them on the lamellas (below)


  • For the middle change parts - create a small sausage, press slightly in the middle and then press on top to flatten it. Use the ball tool to create the shape and impress circles with the small dot cutter. Make a tiny little ball, flatten it, indent a line with the back of the exacto knife and place it in the middle.


  • Use metallics to make your cog life-like. What you need is: Rolkem super gold & super silver, Rainbow Dust in Metallic dark silver and ginger glow (Rainbow dust) and Squires Black dust (see below and you can use any brand you choose in these colors)


  • Attach your cogs on your dried seahorse using edible glue or piping gel. Use lamellas for the body, slightly overlapping them and cogs for the rest of the body. For the seahorse fin - roll a small piece of black fondant and pinch the paste with your fingers and pull the lines for the fin. Dust it with metallics as you wish (below)


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