Sculpted Watering Can Cake

Say good-bye to the bitter cold of winter and hello to the warmth of spring with this refreshing fondant covered sculpted watering can cake.

By Jessica Deniz

  • Satin Ice white fondant
  • Ice blue food color gel
  • Gum paste
  • Daisy cutter
  • Rolling pin
  • Yellow nonpareils
  • Dowels (thick plastic or wood)
  • Flower wires (green)
  • Styrofoam egg (to construct the spout)

Say good-bye to the bitter cold of winter and hello to the warmth of spring with this refreshing fondant covered sculpted watering can cake.

Let's Get Started:


Additional Supplies (not shown):

  • Small cake board - 15 cm.
  • Styrofoam cake drum - 15 cm. (to make the cake look bigger)
  • Water & CMC (edible glue)
  • Cornstarch (to prevent sticking)
  • Edible color dust in black and brown (to make the fondant look older and rusty)
  • Edible metallic food paint (metallic dark gold)
  • Medical adhesive tape (if using a wood dowel)
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Water
  • Toothpick
  • Chocolate ganache
  • Royal icing to match the ice blue fondant

To make the flower watering can cake:


  • Place the cakes on top of the cake drum and fill with ganache.
  • Cut a half off the cake on top (it is to make the flower can more realistic).
  • Frost the whole cake with ganache.
  • Roll out the ice blue colored fondant

  • Cut 1/3 of the Styrofoam egg - make a hole in the middle to place it on the dowel to place through the center of the cake (choose the dowel you prefer, plastic or wood). If you use a wood dowel make sure to cover it with medical adhesive tape to avoid splinters in your cake.
  • Cover the cake with ice blue fondant.
  • Cover a dowel with fondant by moistening it a bit with water in order to stick.
  • Proceed by covering the other 1/3 of the Styrofoam egg with the ice blue fondant.
  • Attach the fondant-covered dowel to the Styrofoam egg by first making a hole in the back of the egg. Wet the fondant a bit surrounding the hole to help it stick to both pieces.
  • Make the little holes for the spout with a toothpick. Use the toothpick to also make the ridges and round circles on the spout.
  • Insert the opposite end of the fondant-covered dowel into the cake.

  • Cut two strips about 3-4 mm thick (fondant with CMC or gum paste) for the two handles. Form and then let dry for one day before attaching to the cake.
  • When ready - attach the handle with a bit of royal icing (looks best if it matches the fondant).IMG_20150218_200630.jpg?mtime=20190715114658#asset:204354Use the edible metallic food paint to make the fondant look rusty and old. Use brown and black color dust to create shadows all over the water can. (You can start painting on the fondant at any time).

To make the gum paste daisies:


  • Use the daisy cutter to form the flowers with Satin Ice gum paste.
  • Cut each petal in three parts and form with a toothpick.
  • There are two ways to make the seeds of the daisies: Use the strainer to mark the stamens or stick yellow nonpareils with water & CMC. Add to center of each daisy.

  • To make the flowers more realistic use color dust in both yellow and green.
  • Let the flowers dry for a day. Once the flowers dry you can attach them to the cake using small wires - and now your watering can cake is complete!

To see more fun cakes by Jessica Deniz check out her Facebook page/Jessitartas

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