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Sassy Halloween Witch Figurine

Perch this festive fondant witch on top to finish with a perfect Halloween cake!

Maria Lunarillos

  • Gum paste tinted red, black, skin color
  • Fondant - brown, red, black
  • Wooden skewer
  • Rolling pin
  • Modeling tool
  • Edible liquid dye - red, black, blue
  • Fine tip paintbrush
  • Rainbow dust - skin color
  • Scriber tool
  • Water

Let's Get Started:

  • Start with the red gum paste and form two oblong spheres to represent the legs. On one side indent marks with your finger that correspond to the ankle and knee.

  • Start to model the foot - once finished place in the position (shown above) to let dry.

  • For the torso you will need black colored gum paste to form to resemble the image above. Use a wooden skewer, (which has been soaked in water), and stick it through the entire piece and place on your base (cake). 
  • Take skin colored gum paste to form the neck of the witch in one piece. Set aside to let dry.

  • With flesh colored fondant form a sphere to form the face/head of the witch.
  • Use your finger to press and form the two eye sockets. Form the nose, mouth and eyebrows with a scribe tool.

  • Use the scribe tool to indent the outline of the two eyes. Using a very fine paintbrush and fill in with gel color the pupils, irises and eyebrows on both eyes.

  • Using edible liquid red dye and a fine paintbrush - paint the lips. With the rainbow dust and a fine paintbrush add some color to the cheeks and fill in the eyebrow line.

  • Place the finished head on top of the torso.
  • With brown fondant form the hair of the witch and place it in position.

To complete this sassy witch figurine for Halloween - go to the complete tutorial here.

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