Ruffled Heart Cake

Although it would be perfect for a Valentine's Day wedding, this easy and adorable ruffled heart would also be fabulous any time of year.

By Erica O'Brien
Erica O'Brien Cake Design

  • Small board for rolling
  • Water (for attaching fondant ruffles)
  • Cornstarch (to prevent sticking)
  • Rolling pin
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Piece of paper cut to about the same height as cake tier
  • Fondant in two colors (we used cerise and deep pink) - check out the Valentine's Color Mixes for suggestions
  • Food-use only paintbrush
  • Round cutter
  • Fondant covered cake (not shown)

Stock up on fondant and let's get started:

  • Position paper on cake. Estimate about how wide you want the heart to be.


  • Fold paper in half lengthwise. Cut a half heart, starting and ending on the crease, so that when unfolded you will have a symmetrical heart.


  • Unfold the heart and secure to cake using pins. Use pins to poke holes in fondant around perimeter of heart. The holes will act to guide the placement of your ruffles. Once finished, be sure to remove paper and all pins.



  • Dab a small amount of cornstarch on rolling pin to prevent sticking. Roll first color of fondant very thin. Cut round out of fondant.


  • Fold fondant round in half.



  • Fold in half again, pinching a little at the base, joining the folded side so that the cut side flares out a little.


  • Carefully dab a bit of water where you will attach the first ruffle.


  • Place the ruffle on the dotted outline of the heart.


  • Place next ruffle, in an alternate color, as closely as possible to first ruffle in any random direction. Continue randomly placing ruffles as closely together until entire heart outline is filled up. The more random and closely placed - the better.


To see more cakes by Erica O'Brien: http://ericaobrien.com/

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