Rolled Mini Roses

From American Cake Decorating Magazine - learn to duplicate the mini red roses on Cristina Cinquino's magnificent Beauty & the Beast themed wedding cake in only 7 short steps!

By Cristina Cinquino
Prima Cristina Theme Cakes

  • Satin Ice Fondant - red
  • Clean egg carton or cupped container for roses to dry
  • Small rolling pin

Let's Get Started:


  • Break off a gumball sized piece of well kneaded fondant. Roll Into a Ball.


  • Flatten ball evenly into an oval shape between fingers or with rolling pin to about 1/8 inch thickness


  • Pinching one end of the oval begin rolling. 


  • Keep top edge of oval even then gradually begin to taper the rolled fondant down so that the edge ruffles end above where you first began rolling.


  • When you reach the end of the oval, begin to pinch the bottom of the rosette between your index finger and thumb so that it comes to a point and the excess fondant on bottom falls off.


  • Place mini-rose in egg carton to dry firmly before applying to cake. (about ½  hour to 1 hour is plenty).


  • Attach to cake. (and marvel at how easy that was!)

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