Robot Topper

How to make cute Robot toppers using Satin Ice Shimmer fondant!

By Jean Schapowal
Cakes With Character

  • Satin Ice Gold, Pearl & Silver Shimmer fondant
  • Satin Ice fondant - black, pink, red
  • Rolling pin
  • 12" cake drum
  • Dresden tool
  • Exacto knife
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Large round tip (Wilton 1A)
  • Sugar shaper bone tool
  • Toothpicks
  • Black dragees
  • 2" round cutter
  • Ruler


Step 1

Cover a 12" round cake drum with Satin Ice Silver Shimmer fondant. Using your dresden tool mark lines in the fondant with a straight edge.


Step 2

Roll out some of the Silver Shimmer fondant and using the 1A tip punch out several dots/circles. These will be placed around the edges you marked on the board to create a metal plate look. Create the base for the toppers by using a 2" round cutter - using the Satin Ice Black fondant. The robots you create will sit on these.


Step 3

Roll out some gold and silver shimmer fondant (in thick pieces) - and then mix some brown and pink with the pearl shimmer to create a pink and brown metallic. Roll these pieces out thick (approx. 1") - these will be the bodies and heads of the robots. Leave to dry.


Step 4

Using your knife begin to cut out various shapes for the heads and bodies. Using the bone tool, create a slight impression for your eyes.


Step 5

Using the black dragees place into the small holes you created.


Step 6

Do the same for some of the other heads.


Step 7

On another head you can use the 1A tip to punch out for the eyes and for the electrodes on the sides of the heads.


Step 8

Place accordingly.


Step 9

Gather your supplies together to create these 2 cute boy and girl robots!


Step 10

After you've added the eyes to the head, use your bone tool to create some holes in the body (forming rivets).


Step 11

Place the body on the topper using some water and then insert a toothpick in the center. Place the head on top with a little bit of water.


Step 12

Rolling out a thin rope of fondant- cut 4 pieces 1/2 in length. These will be the robots arms and legs. Roll out the head on top with a little bit of water.


Step 13

Using the flat of your exacto knife, make a few scores along the length.


Step 14

For 2 of the pieces, flatten the end on each and make 2 cuts. Remove the center piece creating the claws for the robots hands.


Step 15

Roll out some more fondant and using your 1A tip punch out 3 dots for the electrodes on the side of the head and the top.


Step 16

Roll out another small thin rope and attach to the electrode on top. I bent this to make him look shy. . .


Step 17

Roll out a small ball of red and attach to the end of his antenna with water.

Roll out a small piece of red fondant 1 1/2 in length.

Cut into a thin strip.

Fold up one side to half way and apply a touch of water.

Fold up the other side creating a bow. You can apply this to the robots chest with a bit of water.


Step 18

Rolling out a small corn sized piece of black fondant - cut in half to create his mouth. You can cut the ball of fondant in half to create a smaller mouth.


Step 19

Apply the mouth with a little bit of water.


Step 20

Roll out another corn sized piece of pink fondant. Divide in half and use these to create the cheeks on the robot.


Step 21

On the other robot, you can roll out a small rope of black fondant to create the mouth.


Step 22

Attach with a small amount of water. Repeating step 17 - create another bow.


Step 23

Attach bow to the robots head.


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