Princess Tiara

How to make a beautiful Princess Tiara using Satin Ice Gold Shimmer!

By Violet Lin Tran
The Violet Cake Shop


  • Treat your paste so it can dry stiff and sturdy enough to hold its shape on its own. To strengthen your fondant (this works for all kinds), add 1/4 tsp Tylose to 4 oz. paste and knead well. Use more if you feel your paste is still too soft.


  • Roll paste to 2 mm thickness, approximately 11″ long and 3″ wide.


  • Trim your paste to 10″ long and 2.5″ wide. TIP: it’s helpful to use a crafting mat with grid measurements imprinted.


  • Mark the halfway point (5″ mark) using your craft knife.


  • Next, mark the point 3.25″ over to the right of the midway mark (or 1.75″ in from the outer right edge).


  • Now, mark the mirror point on the opposite side – 3.25″ to the left of the midway point, or 1.75″ in from the outer left side.


  • Line up a circle cutter (that is approximately 3.5″ or 88 mm wide) so that one side touches the midway mark and the other side touches the mark on the right side, and cut. Do the same with the marks on the left side.


  • Next, using the grids on the mat as a guide, mark the point that is 2.25″ to the left of the midway point. Do the same on the other side (2.25″ to the right of the midway point).


  • Using a ruler to confirm, mark the point that is 1″ up from the bottom edge and 1″ in from the right edge.


  • Do the same on the left side.


  • Line up an edge of the cutter with each of the marks and cut - as shown.


  • Mark the point that is 1/2″ up from the bottom edge as shown and line up the edges of the cutter with that mark and the one marked previously (the one that was 1″ up and 1″ in), and cut.


  • Cut an angle that connects the point that is 1/2″ up on the left edge with the point that is 1/2″ in from the left on the bottom edge. Do the same on the right side.


  • Using a small leaf cutter, make cut outs under the three middle points - as shown


  • With a small heart cutter, make the cut - as shown.


  • Using a number 8 piping tip, make a few marks as shown to dress up the design.


  • Wrap the fondant around a 4″ dummy or similar size tub and allow to dry overnight or until completely stiff.


  • Add some small blossom cut outs to further dress up the tiara.


  • Finished tiara embellished with blossoms.

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