Princess Brave Cake

Every little girl loves princesses and the idea of a fantasy world with a castle far far away. . . So why not this year, impress your little girlie with a fondant princess cake of her favorite character!

By Ashlee Marie
Ashlee Marie Cake

Princess brave cake

  • Modeling chocolate for cape
  • Merida plastic doll
  • Fondant tool set
  • Saran wrap
  • Cake made with a wonder mold pan plus an additional 8" cake
  • Fondant - shaded to Feeling Brave from the "Favorite Princesses Color Mixes," and ivory
  • Knife
  • Vodka/clear vanilla to stick the fondant to the doll

Let's get started on the cape:


  • Roll out the modeling chocolate and use three rolled up paper towels to hold the shaped ruffles in place. Let dry while working on the rest of the doll.

Making the dress:


  • Carve to shape the dress and then proceed to cover the exterior with ganache, as well as any gaps.


  • Cover the dress in "Feeling Brave" colored fondant leaving the seam in the back.
  • To make the bodice - cut out a rectangle and make some arm holes and wrap it around the doll, than proceed to cut the neckline, waist while creating a seam in the back.
  • Make sure to adjust the arms the way you want them now, before you cover them in fondant. Next create the dress sleeves by cutting out a small rectangle from a thin layer of fondant for each arm. Use vodka/clear vanilla to stick the fondant to the doll. Wrap around each arm, press firmly and cut off the excess fondant with a knife.

To make the dress ruffles and learn how to attach the cape - click here.

Interested in making more princess themed doll cakes - if so than click here to go to Ashlee Marie to learn how.

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