Pot O' Gold Cake for St. Patrick's Day

Makes a great centerpiece for your St. Patrick's Day party - and a delicious one too!

By Ashlee Marie
Ashlee Marie Cake


  • Black fondant
  • 8" cheesecake
  • 2 baked halves of a ball pan
  • Rolling pin
  • 3 - 6" circles for strong base for cake
  • Edible gold coins
  • Clear vanilla/Vodka
  • Large serrated knife to trim cake


  • Start with 2 halves of a ball pan baked and an 8" cheesecake. The ball pans are always a little short of creating a full circle, so I like to use a cake, or in this case cheesecake, to give it the height. Carve the top of all three so they are perfectly flat.


  • To get started cut a 4 inch circle off the bottom so you’ll have a flat bottom to work with.


  • Frost with whipped ganache and flip it over, and frost the flat top. Place the cheesecake on top and frost the other half of the cake with ganache. Now you have your pot.


  • Cut the flat top off about 6" wide because you're going to be “filling” the top with edible gold coins. Finish frosting the cake, but leave the top unfrosted so you can flip it over later (you’ll see).


To complete the full Pot O' Gold cake, go to Ashlee Marie

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