Patriotic Sugar Cookies

Celebrate America with these cute & simple striped sugar cookies!

By Juliana Evans
Graciously Sweet

  • Red, White & Blue Satin Ice Fondant
  • Rolling Pin
  • Star Cutters
  • Water to adhere
  • Pizza cutter or offset spatula to lift fondant
  • Sugar Cookies to decorate

Let's Get Started:

  • Take a golf ball-sized amount each of the Red, White & Blue fondant (Begin with White).
  • Working on a silicone mat (or sprinke powdered sugar or cornstarch on your clean countertop or table) knead the fondant until warm, soft and stretchy (consistency similar to chewed bubble gum).
  • Break of small nickel-sized pieces of white and roll into long skinny "snakes". Repeat and use the entire ball of fondant. 
  • Move on to the Blue and Red and repeat.

  • After you have rolled out all of your "Snakes", start placing them side by side in the American Flag color order - Red, White, Blue, Red, White, Blue, etc.
  • Make sure to line them up straight and have them touching each other.

  • Take your rolling pin and start in the center and gently push down on all of the “snakes” and rolling upwards to flatten them.
  • Continue to roll out the “snakes” which will make them stick together. Roll out the fondant about 1/4-1/6 of an inch thick.
  • Take the same star cookie cutter you used for the cookie dough and cut out star shapes from the rolled fondant.
  • Use the pizza cutter to help lift a star off your work surface so the shape won’t stretch out.
  • Dip your finger in a bit of water (please not a lot) and dab water on the back side of the fondant that will touch the cookie.
  • Place the fondant striped star on the cookie and gently rub down. 
  • Continue working until all the star cookies are covered in your striped fondant.


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