Nutcracker Cookie

Get creative with Willie Soto and Lily Cuellar of VanilleCouture Cakeshop and this festive cookie!

By Willie Soto & Lily Cuellar
VanilleCouture Cakeshop

  • Satin Ice fondant colored - mint, pale pink (white with a little pink), flesh tone (ivory and a little orange), white, chocolate, lavender, red
  • Cookie cutter
  • Bells stencil
  • Autumn damask stencil
  • Small daisy plunger cutter
  • Dresden tool
  • Modeling shapers
  • Edible glue
  • Brushes
  • Pearl dust
  • Rainbow glitter dust
  • Star tip #18
  • Tip #2
  • Exacto knife
  • Bows first impression silicone mold
  • Rolling pin
  • Nutcracker image
  • Crisco
  • Cornstarch
  • Cocoa powder
  • Gold americolor airbrush color
  • Circle cutters or tips #2


Nutcracker Cookie

Let's Get Started:


  • Begin by rolling out your colored Satin Ice fondant to a good thickness - around 2mm works well.
  • Using the same cookie cutter used to create your sugar cookies, cut out the fondant frame.
  • Paint a little corn syrup on the sugar cookie surface with a paintbrush - this will be enough to make a sticky surface to adhere the fondant frame.
  • Carefully flip and lay the fondant frame on top of your cookie. If you find this step complicated you may keep your fondant frame face up and take your cookie and gently press it down onto the fondant.


  • Smooth the sides and edges of the frame with your hands or with a fondant smoother if you prefer.
  • With a soft round paintbrush start to give the cookie and "aged vintage" look with some cocoa powder all around the edges.
  • Roll out Satin Ice flesh color to 1 mm thickness.
  • At this point you may wish to use a cute Christmas stencil to use as a guide.


  • Print out a nutcracker image in order to have the correct proportion of each body that we will be cutting out.
  • Start by cutting out the head using an exacto knife - afterwards this will work as a cutting template for the fondant.
  • Gently with your fingers round up all the edges from our cut out shape.
  • Then following our guide - we will cut out the nutcracker's torso.


  • Add the torso to our cookie and place the head down with use of edible glue.
  • Roll out a piece of pink fondant as thin as possible.


  • Cut out the nutcracker's jacket including each little intricate piece according to your pattern.
  • Brush some edible glue on each piece and start placing each piece on the jacket - (Remember to keep your printed nutcracker handy so you can double check where each piece should go).


  • Mix a few drops of lemon extract and silver highlighter to create a paint mixture - and with a fine paintbrush paint the belt.
  • Roll a medium sized sausage shaped piece of lavender fondant 1/4" thick. Make sure it is long enough to cut out both arms from the same piece.


  • Repeat the same steps with pink fondant and make the sausage 2 cm long in order to cut in half and get 2 parts of 1 cm each that will turn into the sleeves.
  • Add a small drop of edible glue in order to adhere both parts of the arm.


  • Roll out a small piece of gray fondant, 4 mm thick and with a small daisy cutter cut out 2 flowers.
  • Cut the flowers in half and glue one on top of the other to the Nutcracker's shoulders.
  • Roll out two balls of flesh tone colored fondant 1/2 cm each for the hands.
  • Stick the arms and hands into the cookie following the torso guide.


  • Mix a few drops of lemon extract and silver highlighter to create a paint mixture - once ready us to paint on the shoulder decorations.
  • Roll out a small piece of white, mint and chocolate Satin Ice (as thin as possible).
  • Cut out 1.5 cm circle of white, 1 cm circle of mint and 1/2 cm circle of chocolate


  • Add some glue to the back of each circle and glue them one on top of the other - this will end up being the eyes - finish by gluing them to the Nutcrackers face.
  • Roll out a small piece of pink Satin Ice as thin as possible - and cut out a small rectangle that will be the Nutcrackers mouth.
  • Roll out tiny sausages of white fondant and cut out 8 pieces that will become the teeth.
  • Form a small teardrop of Satin Ice flesh color to create the nose.


  • Create two more elongated teardrops with chocolate Satin Ice to make the mustache. Add some glue to the back and place the nose and follow with the mustache.
  • Use the remains of the mustache to create the eyebrows.


  • Time to make the hair - Take 2 pieces of white Satin Ice and shape it into half moons.
  • Use the Dresden tool to make elongated lines to make hair strands - and add some pearl dust if you want to give it a magical look.
  • Roll out some pink Satin Ice fondant to a 4 mm thickness and pick a cute stencil design and gently roll over top with a small rolling pin. Without removing the stencil apply some pearl dust with a soft brush - and remove the stencil.


  • Start to cut out the hat using the paper template. Add some glue to the back of the piece and place it onto the cookie.


  • Roll out a small piece of gray fondant as thin as possible and with a #1 icing tip cut out 6 tiny circles for the jacket buttons.
  • Make a half moon of pink fondant for the brim of the hat.


  • Decorate the brim of the hat with a cute red ribbon made with a silicone mold.

If you like the tutorial you can see the video version on You Tube here!

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