Mrs Rabbit Cake

A cake inspired to Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit Tales and dedicated to all those who have the magic of childhood in their eyes and who want to keep on believing.

By Veronica Seta
Veronica Seta Cake Designer


  • 25 cm and 15 cm cake boards
  • white fondant
  • white gum paste
  • airbrush and colors (blue, white, teal, yellow, pink, green, brown)
  • decorative molds
  • egg dummy cake
  • edible glue
  • medium and small flower plunger cutters
  • sugar pearls
  • sugar gun
  • large and small picks
  • modeling tools


1 Roll out 300 gr of white fondant and cover the 25 cm board. Cut the paste all around the board and smooth the paste with a smoother.


2 Roll out 600 gr of white fondant and cover the filled Mud Cake( strawberry mousse previously spread with butter cream). Smooth the paste with a smoother. Pour some drops of liquid pink and white colour in your airbrush and colour it light pink . Cover the 15 cm board with 300 gr of white fondant and airbrush it light blue.


3 Insert a small amount of gum paste in a mould and obtain several small stripes. If you meet any difficulty in taking the paste out of the mould, just leave it in a freezer for some minutes. 


4 Cover the egg dummy with 700 gr of white fondant and smooth the paste
with a smoother.


5 Using a clouds stencil , airbrush it with some drops of light blue, white and teal obtaining clouds and some drops of yellow to draw a small sun.


6 Prepare the sugar lace. Mix 100 gr sugar for lace with 80 gr of water. Spread it on lace mats, with a Confectioners' spreader, lengthwise. Remove the excess sugar. Leave to dry for at least 10 hours. Peel the sugar from the mat very gently avoiding breakage. 


7 Press a ball of white gum paste in a rabbit scene mould, smooth it with your fingers and cut out the excess paste. With the cutter tool define the rabbit and flowers details.


8 Press a small amount of gum paste through a strainer.


9 Mould a few small cylinders of gum paste and with the edible glue stick the grass bushes on them.


10 Mould 5 small cones and 25 small petals with gum paste to get 5 small


11 Insert the cone on a pick and with a bit of edible glue stick the petals all
around starting with the first two petals and then with the remaining three.
Leave to dry.


12 With plunger cutters, cut ten medium flowers and ten small flowers.


13 Leave some flowers as single. Frill the edges of the remaining ones and, with a bit of edible glue, stick the small size flower on the medium size flower. Stick some very small sugar pearls in the centre of each flower.


14 Insert a small cylinder of gum paste inside a sugar gun and prepare
some drawstrings.


15 Start wrapping them first around the small basket dummy base.Then all over, to the top. 


16 Bend a drawstring to get the basket handle. Let it dry for two days before positioning on the basket.


17 Roll out a small amount of modelling paste very thin and stick the grass
bushes as in step 9. Airbrush them light green.


18 As in step 6, peel two lace butterflies from the mat very gently. 


19 Spread some royal icing on the 25cm board and position your mud cake.
Then the 15cm board on top. With some edible glue, stick the lace,
the butterflies and the decorative elements previously prepared around
the boards and the cake and place the two butterflies.


20 Insert a big pick in the painted egg and fix it on the 15 cm board. Wrap the half of it with the drawstrings as for the basket in step 14. With some edible glue, stick the rabbit scene at the centre of the egg. Mix some drops of yellow and green in your airbrush and colour the bushes stuck on the cylinders. Dust the small roses pink and the flowers yellow and light violet. Stick the bushes at the sides of the rabbit scene and the small flowers on the bushes.


21 Mould two cylinders of gum paste to get the rabbit's paws. With the
cutter tool, work on the paste to get a fur effect.


22 Mould a ball of gum paste first like a rounded triangle and then working to get the cheeks and chin for the rabbit's head.


23 With the dresden tool cut the mouth, open it a bit and smooth the cut with a silicone tool. With a silicone tool define the nose.


24 With a sharp tool, draw the eyes.


25 Dig the eyes with a small ball tool.


26 Fill the eye's cavity with a small ball of gum paste.


27 Mould two cylinders for the Rabbit's ears.


28 Dig their centre with a ball tool and get the fur effect as in step 23 around and behind each ear.


29 Press a small amount of gum paste in the hat moulder, smooth it with your fingers and cut away the excess paste. Take it out of the moulder and dust the small ribbon pink.


30 Roll out a small amount of gum paste very thin and with the primrose cutter, cut eight flowers and vein them with the primrose veiner.


31 As in step 6 prepare some pieces of lace for the rabbit's shirt.


32 Colour a small amount of gum paste light pink and roll it out very
thin. Cut two stripes as a trapezium. Frill the end of them with a friller. Keep them apart as these will be the shirt sleeves.


33 Cut one more stripe and frill it to get a ruche for the shirt.


34 Roll out a small amount of white gum paste very thin and with a frilled and oval pastry cutter, prepare the front part of the shirt. Frill the edges with the friller tool.


35 Repeat the previous step with a round pastry cutter to get another ruche for the shirt.


36 Cut the smaller dummy egg into two parts. Colour a small amount of
gum paste light pink, roll it out and cover the half of the egg.


37 Insert a pick through the half of the dummy egg and fix it with the painted and decorated egg. This will be the Rabbit's chest. With a bit of edible glue, stick the oval shape on the front part of the chest and the round shape on the top of it. Airbrush the Rabbit's head brown and let it dry. Fix it on the chest and paint the eyes brown with a little brush. Define eyes, nose and mouth wit a bit of aubergine dusting colour. With two small picks, fix the ears on the Rabbit's head and stick the small hat between them.


38 Airbrush the paws brown as prepared and stick around them the sleeves
prepared in step 33. Fix them on the chest. Stick the stripe prepared in step 34 around the chest base. Enrich sleeves texture and waist with small lace pieces.


39 Insert a small pick at the centre and at the base of the chest, fix the basket and position the paws on it. Fill the basket with the small bushes and flowers previously coloured. 


40 Stick the lace prepared in step 6 at the sides of the painted egg.


41 Dust the primrose flowers pink and with a bit of edible glue stick a yellow
sugar pearl in the centre. Stick all the flowers on one side of the mud cake and the 15 cm board.


42 Stick two pink sugar pearls on the shirt's ruches.


43 Spray some glaze on the whole composition to give some lustre to the cake and fix colours.

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