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Mothers Day Cupcakes

Fun and easy mothers day cupcakes using the Satin Ice Pastel Collection!

By Satin Ice
Satin Ice


  • Satin Ice Pastel Green Fondant
  • Satin Ice Peach Petal Fondant
  • Satin Ice Lavender Fondant
  • Satin Ice Pastel Yellow Fondant
  • Satin Ice Baby Pink Fondant
  • Satin Ice Baby Blue Fondant
  • Rolling Pin
  • 4 cm Plum Flower Cutter
  • 8 mm Plum Flower Cutter
  • Cutting Tool
  • 1 cm Long Oval Cutter
  • Veining Tool


Step 1

To make the base of the bonnet: Roll out peach petal Satin Ice fondant and cut out a flower with the 4 cm plum flower cutter.


Step 2

To make the top of the bonnet: Form a ¾ inch ball of Satin Ice peach petal fondant, then flatten on side and place in the center of the flower.


Step 3

To make the ribbon: Roll out a small amount of Satin Ice lavender fondant and a cut a strip that is 3 ½ inches long and 1/8 inch wide.


Step 4

Wrap the lavender strip around the base of the flattened ball and trim off excess.


Step 5

To make the leaves: Roll out a small amount of pastel green Satin Ice fondant and cut out three 1 cm long ovals.


Step 6

Pinch the end of each oval and make lines using the veining tool.


Step 7

To make the flowers: Roll out a small amount of baby blue, pastel yellow, and baby pink Satin Ice fondant and cut out a flower from each color using the 8 mm plum flower cutter


Step 8

Place the flowers over the ribbon seam on the hat and place the leaves around the flowers. Use a small amount of white Satin Ice fondant to roll 3 tiny balls then place one in the center of each flower.

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