ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate Strawberry Rose

Whether its Valentine's Day or a just sweet surprise, these chocolate covered strawberry roses are just the treat to make them smile!

  • Silicone Mat
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry
  • ChocoPan by Satin Ice Red Modeling Chocolate

Step 1

Soften modeling chocolate by kneading until smooth. To make the center of the rose: form a ball approximately 1/8” in diameter. Flatten and stretch the ball out and then roll it into a swirl.


Step 2

Place the swirl on the tip of the chocolate covered strawberry.


Step 3

To make rose petals: Form four balls approximately ¼” in diameter (small petals) Three balls approximately ½” in diameter (medium petals) Two balls approximately ¾” in diameter (large petals) Using your fingers, flatten each ball and pinch the edges to add texture and movement.


Step 4

Starting with the smallest, center petals - wrap them around the center swirl forming a cone.


Step 5

Next, layer the small and medium petals one at a time keeping the height a bit higher then the center swirl. Be sure to overlap each petal with the petal next to it. Continue to wrap around and place the large petals on the outside of the flower. Use your fingers to give the ends of the petals movement once attached.



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