Little Girl Figurine

By Daniela Cabrera
Daniela Cabrera Sugar Artist

  • Satin Ice Fondant in the following colors: Peach Petal, White, Blue, Black, Gold Shimmer
  • Plastic Knife
  • Skewers
  • Tips
  • Round Cutter
  • Edible Markers
  • Ruler
  • Dresden Tool
  • Wire #22 Gauge
  • Silicon Brush
  • Ball tools
  • Color Dusts in the following colors: Pink, Blue-Black
  • Brushes in different sizes
  • Rollling Pin
  • Non Stick Mat
  • Edible Glue
  • Alcohol, Vodka or Lemon Extract
  • Make a strip of skin colored fondant and thin the ends.
  • Make a diagonal cut in the center.
  • Tilt as shown in the picture to form the feet.
  • Fit the wooden sticks into a base and insert each leg as shown in the picture.


  • Cut two circles and remove a smaller one from the center.
  • Cut the excess on both sides of each circle and make a small cut to open the center.
  • Place on each foot as shown in the picture. Add some glue or water. Paste from behind and cut the excess.
  • Stretch White fondant and trace lines with an edible marker and a ruler.


  • Wrap each leg with the fondant, stick it from behind and remove the excess with a cutter.
  • Place a small ball on the top front of each shoe and mark a design. I made an asterisk.
  • For the body - model a pear shape fondant in skin color.
  • Put some pressure in the thinnest part as shown in the picture.


  • Fit the pear on top, making sure the sticks are inclined, forming a triangle, this way your figure will be firmer.
  • Cut White fondant circles and remove the center. Cut on one side to open them.
  • Glue them as shown in picture. Make sure to give some movement so they look wavy.
  • Cut a small circle of blue fondant.


  • Glue it on the upper part of the body. Eliminate the excess by cutting from behind and mark some lines to give it a fabric effect. Mark both sides where you will connect the arms and, if you want, cut a small circle in the center top to connect the neck.
  • Cut a large circle of blue fondant , thin the edge a bit to make it ripple and mark some lines to give a fabric effect. Cut a small circle in the center.
  • Put the circle on the top and glue it following the edge of the upper part. Give it more realistic effect by moving it with your fingers. Mark small lines to make it look as a spring.
  • Make a small cylinder in skin colored fondant and fit a piece of stick on the top. This will be the neck. The stick must cross only half of the body and you must leave a piece uncovered in the upper part to connect the head.


  • Form the arms, make a small strip of blue fondant and cut as shown in the picture.
  • Cup the ends.
  • Connect to the body using thin wire and choose the position. (the use of wire is optional)
  • Form the hands, make a tiny cylinder and divide it in two using the side of your finger.


  • Press each side with your finger print.
  • Cut each side as shown in picture to make the fingers.
  • Cut in halves, then make another cut in each half.
  • Give some movement to the fingers and connect to the arms.


  • Form the head, make a smooth skin colored fondant ball.
  • Press in the center to divide. In the picture you can see it from the side.
  • Make small pressure with a soft pen to form the nose. Open the nostrils with a pointed brush.


  • Mark two small holes for the edges of the mouth with a ball tool.
  • Mark a line joining the edges.
  • Press with ball tool to open the mouth.
  • Mark the eyes with a round tip.


  • Press with ball tool to make the holes for the eyes.
  • Press each side as shown in the picture to make the ears. Make small balls of White fondant to match the eye holes.
  • With a bigger ball tool make a hole to connect the head with the neck.
  • Connect the head, try to give it some inclination to make it look cute!


  • Remove the eyes and draw the eyelashes and eyebrows with a Brown color edible marker.
  • Paint the lips with pink edible marker.
  • I love freckles!!
  • Add some blush with pink or red color dust.


  • Put back the eyes into the holes, then mark with smaller round tip and Paint with color dust in blue mixed with alcohol or lemon essence.
  • Paint the black dot in the direction you like her to look to.
  • For the hair, use Brown fondant mixed with yellow to make a light color, spread a small portion and give texture with the edge of a ruler.
  • Cut tiny triangles on one edge.


  • Connect to the head as shown in the picture and make small portions to achieve a beautiful hairstyle.
  • You can also reserve bits of stockings and put a cute bun in the hair!!
  • Decorate the dress as you wish. I painted details with White gel color and added a Little navy blue color dust to achieve contrast of light and shadows.


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