Kawaii Mint Chip Popsicle

The cutest cake pop around. . .

By Jean Schapowal
Cakes With Character

  • Satin Ice Pastel Green Fondant
  • Satin Ice White Vanilla Fondant
  • Satin Ice Chocolate Fondant
  • Satin Ice Black Vanilla Fondant
  • Satin Ice Baby Pink Fondant
  • Rolling Pin
  • Exacto Knife
  • Dresden Tools
  • Toothpick
  • Small 1" round cutter

Set up:


Step 1:

Take an orange sized piece of pastel Green satin ice fondant and using your hands and a fondant smoother shape into an oblong shape, rounding the corners as you go. Insert a toothpick in the bottom.


Step 2:

Take a small quarter sized piece of the beige fondant. Form into a tear drop shape and flatten the wider part. This will become the popsicle handle. Insert into the toothpick adding a little water to adhere.


Step 3:

Roll out some of the brown and shape into a drip shape. Make sure it is wide enough to cover the top part of your popsicle.


Step 4:

Using a little water to adhere, attach the chocolate drip. Then you can use the black, pink and white along with the small round cutter to create the face for your popsicle.


Step 5:

This is how your popsicle should look now.


Step 6:

Roll out some of the brown fondant and cut into strips. Then cut those strips into small squares/rectangles.


Step 7:

Using a little water apply these small brown pieces to your popsicle creating the “mint chips.”


Mint Chocolate Chip Popsicle:

Is now complete!



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