Kawaii Heart

By Jean Schapowal
Cakes With Character

  • ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate - Red
  • Satin Ice Fondant - A little bit of white and Black

Step 1:

Hand model the red modeling chocolate into a heart shape, smoothing the edges and curves.


Step 2:

Roll out 2 grape sized pieces of the red modeling chocolate.


Step 3:

Roll the balls of red into a tear shape - with one end rounder and larger than the other.


Step 4:

Using a Dresden tool, attach the tear shaped pieces to the heart. This will become the hearts hands.


Step 5:

Roll out some red modeling chocolate and using your heart cutter, cut our as many hearts as you’d like to frame the larger heart. You can also make some smaller ones by hand.


Step 6:

Add the eyes and mouth to your heart in whatever shapes you’d like.

Completed Modeling Chocolate Kawaii Heart!


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