Kawaii Chocolate Candy

Calling all Chocolate lovers. . .This is the cutest little tutorial for you!

By Jean Schapowal
Cakes With Character

Step 1:

Get your Supplies ready.


Step 2:

Make 2 baseball sized chocolate and white modeling chocolate balls - and some small black, brown, and white.


Step 3:

Roll one larger chocolate ball into an egg shape but flat on the bottom. Using a Dresden tool create some curved grooves into your chocolate “candy”.


Step 3a:

Create the same shape with the other chocolate ball but using your Exacto knife.


Step 4:

Mix some brown and some white together.


Step 5:

Using the lighter chocolate - line the inside of the cut out chocolate to create the inside of the chocolate candy.
Roll out a thin rope of that same color to create a decorative swirl on top of the candy.
Use a toothbrush/stuff brush to create a texture for the inside of the candy.


Step 6:

Using the black, white and lighter mixed brown, create the faces for your candy. Use a stiff tool to create the holes for the eyes and use white for the accents.


Completed Chocolate Candies!


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