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Kawaii Cactus

How to make A 2D Kawaii Cactus using Modeling Chocolate

By Jean Schapowal
Cakes With Character

  • ChocoPan Green Modeling Chocolate
  • ChocoPan Bright White Modeling Chocolate
  • ChocoPan Black Modeling Chocolate
  • ChocoPan Pink Modeling Chocolate
  • ChocoPan Yellow Modeling Chocolate
  • Color the Bright White Modeling Chocolate to make a brick color for the pot
  • 4" Round circle cutter
  • Dresden tool
  • Rolling pin
  • Exacto Knife
  • Stiff Brush
  • Small flower cutter

Set up:


Step 1:

Using some copper/brick colored modeling chocolate, roll out and cut out a circle using a 4” round cutter.


Step 2:

Trim off the 4 sides creating a flower pot shape


Step 3:

Using the left over modeling chocolate, roll out a strip for the top of the flower pot.


Step 4:

Roll out 2 golf ball sized shapes of green modeling chocolate. Shape them in a tear drop/oval shape.


Step 5:

Using a Dresden tool, create lines on the 2 cactus pieces.


Step 6:

Using a stiff brush or a tooth brush, create texture throughout the 2 cactus pieces.


Step 7:

Place the 2 main pieces in your flower pot.


Step 8

Make assorted smaller pieces to attach to your cactus. Use the same techniques as stated above.


To Finish the Kawaii Cactus:

Attach all the cactus pieces and add eyes, and mouths.

You can also add some pretty colored flowers as well!



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