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Gum Paste Peonies

In celebration of the Wedding Bouquet Color Mixes - enhance your gum paste skills with this beautifully colored gum paste Peony tutorial. Be sure to also check out the full collection of color mixes under Fondant 101.

By Flavia De Angelis
Italian Cupcakes

  • Satin Ice Gum Paste - Green & Light Pink
  • Green floral tape
  • Color Dust - Brown, yellow, hot pink & purple
  • Rolling pin
  • Peony cutters
  • 24/26 gauge white wires
  • Black tool
  • Flower foam (also a more rigid piece)
  • Plastic/Styrofoam former
  • 18" gauge white wire
  • Edible glue

Let's Get Started:

  • Make a hook with an 18 gauge white wire. Brush the hook with edible glue and insert a blended little cone made out of green gum paste. Assemble three.
  • Assemble the center of the peony (the three pistils) together with some green floral tape.
  • Brush the tips of the pistils with a bit of brown color dust.
  • Tape a bunch of white pistils to the main body.

  • Take off the excess from the white pistils.
  • Brush the pistils with some yellow and brown color dust.
  • Roll out some light pink colored gum paste very thinly.
  • Using the peony cutters cut out the petals. 

  • Insert the petals into 24/26 gauge white wires (do not forget to brush the end of the wire with a bit of edible glue before inserting).
  • Make the veins on the petals by pressing the black tool. Using the flower foam, make a fan shape movement from the center toward the outside of the petals. 
  • With a piece of rigid flower foam, frill the petals by moving the tool and pressing it at an angle.
  • Cup the petal in your hand.

  • Leave the petal to dry in a plastic/Styrofoam container.
  • When dry, brush the petals with some hot pink color dust and purple color dust - applying from the base of the shape toward the outside.
  • Assemble the petals to the center using green floral tape.
  • Now your peony is complete!


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