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Hawaiian Tiki

It's Tiki Time!

By Jean Schapowal
Cakes With Character

  • ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate in the following colors: Green, Pink, Yellow, Brown, Black, Orange
  • Red tints/Food gels
  • Dresden tool
  • Fondant smoother
  • Bone tool
  • Facto knife
  • Flower former
  • Small flower cutter
  • Rolling pin
  • Small oval cutter

Set up:


Step 1:

Roll out some yellow. Using a fantasy flower cutter - cut out 2 flowers and smooth out the edges using a ball tool. Place in flowers formers and let dry.


Step 2:

Roll out a grapefruit sized piece of brown. Angle from thinner to wider using your fondant smoother.


Step 3:

Using your Dresden tool - make numerous markings through out your piece to give a woodgrain look.


Step 4:

Roll out some black and using an Exacto knife create a “smiley”mouth. Using a small rival cutter, cut out several pieces of white. Cut those pieces in half.


Step 5:

Place the black smiley mouth on - then using the small white pieces create the teeth.

Roll out a rope of brown and wrap around the mouth.


Step 6:

Roll out a small orange teardrop shape to create the nose. Using a bone tool create the nostrils.


Step 7:

Place the nose on the tikis face. Using a ball tool create the eye sockets.


Step 8

Place some yellow in the eye sockets and smooth with the ball tool.


Step 9:

Using some black and white create the eyes with some accents. Roll out a thin rope of orange and place around the eyes.


Step 10:

Roll out a rope of brown and wrap around the orange on the eyes. Using a Dresden tool or any flat instrument - create lines throughout circles around the eyes and mouth.


Step 11

Roll out some orange and red. Cut out a think piece of each to wrap around the top of the tikis head.


Step 12:

Take some orange, yellow, green and pink - about a golf all sized piece of each. Start with green and cut a long oval shape. Using your knife, cut notches on either size. Using a Dresden tool create a line down the center. These will be the feathers for the top of the tikis head. Repeat this with all the colors.


Step 13:

Place all the colored feathers on the tikis head.


Step 14:

Add the yellow flowers from Step 1 to complete.


Hawaiian Tiki Head is complete:

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