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Halloween Skull Cake

Looking for a spooky treat to add a little creepiness to this year's Halloween bash? If so, this cake will give all your guests a little extra. Boo!

By Angelia Gagnier
Global Sugar Art

  • Rectangle 9 x 13 x 2 inch cake pans
  • Mini skull pan
  • Bone skull pan
  • 1/2 inch x 13-3/4 inch x 18-3/4 inch cake drum
  • Satin Ice fondant - black, white, ivory
  • Buttercream
  • Bone tool
  • Medium celpin
  • Gel paste - black
  • Blade & shell modeling tool
  • Alcohol (gin, vodka or Everclear)
  • Airbrush color - white
  • Pastry brush
  • Petal dust - brown, black
  • Luster dust - silver
  • 1/2 inch round cutter
  • Small ball tool
  • Veining tool
  • Scriber tool
  • Soft gel paste - vivid purple, vivid green, vivid yellow, vivid orange, vivid blue, vivid pink
  • Food decorating pen

To make the cake:

  • Bake 2 cakes using the rectangle pan (9 x 13 x 2 inch) and cool completely. 
  • Bake face only portion using the mini skull pan and allow to cool completely. 
  • Bake bone cookies in bone cookie pan and set aside to cool.
  • Take cake drum and cover with black fondant - finish edges with colored satin ribbon (if desired). Set aside.

The coffin:

  • Stack layers of cake for coffin to achieve a 4" high cake. Cut corners to shape coffin. Apply a thin layer of buttercream to layered, coffin-shaped cake. Cover cake with white fondant.
  • Mark off wooden boards on sides in two inch increments with a ruler, beginning at bottom of cake. Using a bone tool, indent sides of coffin where it was marked to simulate boards. Repeat on the top of the cake, with "boards" running lengthwise. Make indentations for nail heads with medium celpin. Nail heads are at the "joints" of the coffin in sets of two and in random spots on coffin lid. Tint a small amount of fondant with black gel paste and roll into pea-sized balls small enough to fill nail head indentations. Press into cake, flattening "nail" head.
  • Distress surface and sides of coffin with blade and shell modeling tool, creating scratches and scuff marks in the fondant. Mix 2-3 tbsp. of alcohol with 2 tsp. of ivory airbrush color, 1 tsp. black airbrush color and a couple drops of white airbrush color to create a weathered coffin color. Using a pastry brush, paint mixture onto coffin to simulate distressed wood grain. Allow to dry completely - place on prepared board.

The skull:

  • Apply a thin layer of buttercream.
  • Roll ivory fondant out to 1/8" thickness and cover skull - gently smoothing over hollow areas.
  • Add detail for teeth with boning tool. Accentuate eye sockets using large end of ball tool, and indent nose with small ball tool.
  • Create skull trauma and extended cracks with veining tool. Dust with brown petal dust and silver luster dust. Brush cracks in skull, eye sockets, nose and teeth with black petal dust to accentuate. 

To make the bony fingers, chains, padlock, eyeballs and finishing touches - go to the complete tutorial here.

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