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Gum Paste Peter Rabbit

Learn how to make this adorable Peter Rabbit figure out of Satin Ice gum paste for Easter!

By Yili Brown
Starry Delights

  • Satin Ice gum paste
  • Chestnut gel color
  • Royal blue and white food color
  • Toothpicks
  • Dummy or real cake to work on
  • Edible glue and brush
  • Craft knife
  • Dresden tool
  • Collection of paintbrushes
  • Artist palette
  • Clear alcohol
  • 4 mm edible black beads


  • Take some Satin Ice gum paste and color it with the Chestnut gel color. Aim for a light color, as you will paint over it afterwards.
  • Roll a smooth ball and then shape into a sausage.
  • Cut 2 pieces the same length and width to shape the rabbit's feet - using your craft knife shape the toes.

  • Coat toothpick in edible glue and insert through each foot.
  • Roll a large smooth ball and shape into a cone to create the rabbit's body. Mark the hips with the back of a paintbrush.
  • Insert the body into the toothpicks of the feet once they have dried. Make the fur by using the Dresden tool.

  • Color some gum paste blue and roll out a large piece - cut into a rectangle. 
  • Wrap the blue piece around the body of the rabbit (this is the rabbit's overcoat). To decide the width and length of the overcoat - cut into shape by rounding the top edges.
  • Apply edible glue and attach overcoat to the body.
  • Make 2 small pockets and glue to the overcoat. Insert toothpick through the rabbit's body - this will help to support the head.

  • Take some chestnut colored paste and roll a sausage - cut in half and shape the ears. Insert toothpicks into the ears and let dry.
  • Roll a blue sausage and cut in half - shape the arms. Indent one end of the arms so you can insert the hands later.

To shape the head:

  • Roll a smooth ball and mark the eye sockets - mark the nose and mouth. Shape the mouth and press 4 mm black beads for the eyes.
  • Attach the head to the body and insert ears. Let dry.
  • Prepare mixture of clear alcohol and chestnut color to paint the rabbit. Place 2 white dots on the eyes.
  • Create the radish. Form the rabbit's hands and attach using edible glue.
  • Place the finished Peter Rabbit on top of the cake - Happy Easter!


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