Eucalyptus Leaves & Seeds

In this video tutorial, you will learn to make realistic gum paste seeds and leaves - to create seeded eucalyptus. You will need no cutters, molds or veiners for this gum paste creation.

This seeded eucalyptus you make in this tutorial can be used for cake decorating or for general decorating. The leaves and seeds presented are especially good as gum paste fillers for wedding cake sugar flower decorating, fall gum paste/sugar flower decor for cakes, or creating any fall/winter themed holiday centerpiece for instance. You will also learn how to color floral tape for a more realistic sugar paste branch look and what type of floral tape to use for this. These gum paste fillers do not have to be used simply for fall wedding and fall cake decorating, but whenever desired.

By Cindy Serrano
The Confectionery Gallery

In this tutorial you will see/learn the following:

  • What colors to use to create your realistic seeded eucalyptus seeds.
  • What size to roll your gum paste for your seed.
  • How to insert the floral wire into your gum paste and how to roll the gum paste down the your floral wire to form the seed shape distinctive to this variety of seeded eucalyptus.
  • How long your seeds should measure from top to bottom.
  • How to color your gum paste to create the base color for your leaves.
  • How to prepare your gum paste for leaves by rolling into the appropriate thickness and appropriate varying sizes for your seeded eucalyptus leaves.
  • Marking your gum paste as a guide for cutting your leaves without cutters.
  • Preparing your cut leaves for veining.
  • How to vein your leaves.
  • How to insert floral wire into your leaves and secure it properly.
  • Options for shaping your gum paste leaves.
  • How to dust your gum paste leaves in varying ways using the same petal dust color palette.
  • ***HOW TO DISTRESS GUM PASTE LEAVES*** - this was arrived at by accident but what a "happy accident" it was! You may use this process to distress any gum paste leaves, realistic or not.
  • What colors to use to create your "vein color" used to color your seeded eucalyptus veins and what amount of your leaves to add it to.
  • Coloring the remaining leaves in a similar but different color using the same petal dust palette and vodka.
  • How to color your seeded eucalyptus seeds.
  • Steaming your gum paste leaves and seeds.
  • How to tape together your seeds to create bunches used to form your seeded eucalyptus branches.
  • How to tape together your seed bunches to create seed branches.
  • How to prepare your gum paste leaves for adding to your seed branches.
  • Adding your gum paste leaves to your branches.
  • How to create tall gum paste branches, which can be used for any tall plant sugar work. The heavier the flowers/leaves/seeds at the top of your creation, the more support (additional wires or smaller gauge wire) will need to be used if you are making something other than the seeded eucalyptus in this tutorial.
  • Coloring floral tape to create your realistic gum paste branches.
  • What to use to set the shine/color on your finished gum paste seeded eucalyptus creations.
  • How to prepare your finished gum paste creation if using for cake decorating.

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