Gum Pasta Santa Claus

Learn how to make jolly old Saint Nick in time for Christmas.

By Yili Brown
Starry Delights

  • Satin Ice gum paste
  • Poppy red color gel
  • Tylose powder
  • Color shaper
  • Veining tool
  • Stitching tool
  • Edible glue
  • Paprika/flesh coloring
  • Dummy cake
  • Craft knife
  • Dresden tool
  • Pink dust
  • Water
  • Dust/liquorice gel color
  • Additional two gel colors (of your choice) for the present

Let's Get Started:

Steps to make Santa Claus
(start at top left and work clockwise - additional directions included in text below):

  • Start by coloring your Satin ice gum paste with poppy red gel color. 


  • Roll into sausage shape and bend in middle to form Santa's legs. Use color shaper to make indentations for the legs, using the veining tool mark some creases and make the stitches along the outside and inside legs with the use of the stitching tool.


  • Shape a cone for the upper body. Cut the larger side to make it flat. Mark the neck area with the color shaper. Apply some edible glue and attach the body to the legs. Take a small piece of white gum paste and make it flesh color by using paprika/flesh coloring. Take a small piece of the flesh gum paste to form a neck. Insert a toothpick to support the body and insert it into the dummy cake. Using the same flesh color gum paste form a smooth ball to make the face. Press down with two fingers and push up with another finger to mark where the nose will be.


  •  Using the color shaper make two dots for the mouth. Using the craft knife to cut from one dot to another. Use Dresden tool to form the bottom lip. Place the eyes, which are 4mm sugar balls. 


  • Color the cheeks with lighter shade of pink dust. Cut free hand the beard and mustache and texture with the Dresden tool. Apply water/glue to attach the beard to the face. Apply glue to the mustache and place over top lip.Take a small piece of flesh colored gum paste for the nose and glue over the mustache, make the eyebrows and glue in place. Mark the eyelashes with your Dresden tool and attach the head to the body.


  • Color some Satin ice gum paste in black either by using dust or licorice gel color, roll a smooth ball and split into two equal parts, shape the boots as shown. Apply little bit of edible glue at the boots sharp points and attach to the legs. Take the two pieces of black gum paste and make the buttons. Using the stitching tool mark the front, the sides and the back where the clothing seam would be. Glue the buttons.


  • Roll a piece of white gumpaste and texture it with the Dresden tool. Glue around the bottom part of the coat. Take some red colored gum paste and roll a sausage, cut in middle to form the arms. Take some white and texture it for the fluffy ends and glue to the arms. 
  • Make the hands with the flesh colored paste and glue to the arms.


  • To make the present: Color a piece of gum paste (any color you chose, green in my case) and you shape/cut it into rectangle/square. Take a piece of white paste and color yellow then roll it into a thin stripe and tie around. Glue the arms around the present so Santa is holding it.
  • Using red gum paste shape the hat and cut some long strip of white to go around the hat. 


  • Attach the white strip to the hat after you position the hat onto the head. I have inserted toothpick to make the hat stand up a bit more, you can skip this step. Form the ball for the end and insert a toothpick so you can push it into the hat.
  • Using the Tiny details mold make a bow for the present, attach with glue. Finishing touches with white over the buttons, the boots and white dots for the eyes.
  • Color the gum paste brown and shape into a bag for Santa.


Merry Christmas!


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