"Grilling it Up" for Dad!

Grill up a little something special for dear ol' Dad this Father's Day!

By Anne Heap
Pink Cake Box

  • Rolling pin
  • Exacto knife
  • Paring knife
  • Pizza cutter
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • 9" board
  • 9" Cake on 12-14" cake board
  • Satin Ice Fondant - white, black, chocolate, red, yellow
  • Airbrush
  • Royal icing - red
  • Ruler
  • Powdered sugar
  • Clay tool
  • Square cutter
  • Towel

Let's Get Started:

Tutorial prep: To make this BBQ cake you will need a 9" round cake covered in red fondant. It would be best to cover the cake ahead of time with the gray circle on top - mix black, white and a bit of yellow fondant together to achieve your desired color. Roll out the gray fondant to about 1/8" thick. Next, using a circular board as a guide cut out a 9" circle and place on top of the cake - adhering with a bit of water. The preferred flavor is a chocolate and vanilla marble cake filled with peanut butter buttercream.

  • Start with your prepared cake and mix the fondant for the hamburger - mix chocolate, red, black and a touch of yellow until you get your desired marbled effect.

  • Roll fondant into a patty, texture using a towel - repeat (make 2 burgers). Use a clay tool to indent "grill" marks onto the burger.

  • Cut out a square of cheese colored fondant - use white, yellow and a touch of red. Drape cheese over burger using a bit of water to adhere.

  • Mix fondant for the hot dogs - use red, chocolate and a touch of white. Roll the fondant into logs, using a paring knife to trim the end. Use the clay tool to indent "grill marks" and repeat 3 times for 3 hotdogs.

  • Roll out black fondant to 1/16" thick, then using a ruler and pizza cutter cut strips about one quarter inch thick and at least 10" long. Place strips neatly over a 9" cake board to create the grill. Use the exacto knife to trim the strips along the edge of the circle. Allow strips to set for a few minutes up to a few hours then paint water on the back and apply strips to the top of the cake in order. Repeat the steps until all of your black strips have been applied.

  • Use icing to adhere the burger and hot dogs to the grill - press on each to ensure the icing is secure. Roll out and cut out a long black strip, 35" long, to wrap around the base of the cake. Wet the base of the cake with a paintbrush - and wrap the black band around, trimming off the excess with a knife. Airbrush the cake with vodka to remove excess sugar - if you don't have an airbrush use paintbrush and vodka to remove the sugar. Pipe Happy Father's Day on the board.

Photography by Tania Pineiro-Colamarino

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