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Gold Confetti

Add a little sparkle to a magnificent mini fondant cake with edible gold confetti!

By Eva Salazar

  • Wafer paper
  • Edible gold leaf
  • Small circle puncher
  • Piping gel
  • Paintbrush

Let's get started:

Put the gold leaf on top of the wafer paper - making sure that it is in the section coated with piping gel.


Peel off the gold leaf very carefully.


Now you have a super shiny section of gold wafer paper.


Proceed to cut the confetti circles out with the puncher.


Once you have all the confetti punched out - attach them to your fondant covered cake using a little piping gel to the back with a paintbrush


To see more elegant tutorials by Satin Ice Artist of Excellence Eva Salazar - go to her Makememycake blog!

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