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Glittering Geode Cupcake Topper

By Nikki Wills

  • Satin Ice Gum Paste
  • Clear rock crystal candy
  • Black food coloring
  • Food coloring color of choice (for geode crystals)
  • Everclear/Vodka
  • Clear piping gel (optional)
  • Cling wrap

Let's Get Started:


  • The first step is to form the outer rock shell of the geode. Mix some super black gel food coloring into the white gum paste - but don't knead it in quite all the way. This way there were variations and different grey tones in the gum paste.
  • Make a little nest out of the cling wrap. Press a portion of the gum paste into a rough circle, and press the center of the circle into the center of the cling wrap nest.


  • Next, it's time to add the crystals growing in the center of the geode. Use either clear piping gel or Everclear as the glue.
  • Everclear dries very quickly, but it activates the sugar in both the sugar crystals and the gum paste, and when it dries - it will glue it all together.


  • Let the geodes with clear crystals dry completely before painting the crystals - this way you don't knock the crystals off the sides as you're adding color.


  • The color is painted on by making a watercolor type of paint with more Everclear alcohol and food coloring. The Everclear evaporates quickly, leaving behind beautiful, translucent, colored sugar crystals.


  • Finally ice the cupcakes with frosting - then add some brown sugar for dirt and crown the whole thing with one of the edible geode cupcake toppers.

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