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Getting Started with Modeling and Chocolate Fondant

Learn the basics of getting started with ChocoPan by Satin Ice Modeling Chocolate and Chocolate Fondant.

By Kim Simons
Cakes by Kim Simons

  • ChocoPan by Satin Ice Modeling Chocolate
  • ChocoPan by Satin Ice Chocolate Fondant
  • Flat-Top Spatula
  • Silicon Mat
  • Corn Starch or Powder Sugar


  • Turn the pail upside down on your table and press on the bottom of the pail.
  • Modeling chocolate and Chocolate Fondant will be firm when first opened.
  • Use a flat-top spatula to cut pieces out.
  • Some crumbling will be normal since these are chocolate based products. Simply gather pieces together for kneading.



  • Knead pieces until they become smooth. If the chocolate is too firm to knead, microwave on high in 3-5 second intervals.
  • Avoid overworking or excessive heat. If the product is melting, place it in a refrigerator until it becomes firm again. The heat from your hands will aid when kneading, but avoid overworking.
  • It is best to have cool hands when sculpting/decorating in order to avoid the oils separating and the product becoming sticky.



  • Chocolate colors can be mixed together, just like fondant. If you prefer to color modeling chocolate, add gel, paste or oil-based food color when kneading.
  • To color Chocolate Fondant, add food color gel or color paste when kneading.



  • Reseal tightly in a plastic bag and replace the lid of the pail. Store in a cool, dry place (not refrigerator).
  • If oils are separated from the product during shipping, allow to cool then knead the oils back in.
  • Placing your finished creation in a refrigerator or using food grade cool spray will accelerate the set time.
  • Finished pieces should not be exposed to temperatures over 75°F/24°C.
  • Both Modeling Chocolate and Chocolate Fondant will always remain pliable for reworking if desired.

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