Freeform Passion Flower

Every cake deserves a pretty sugar flower to dress it up - so learn from sugar flower master Catalina Anghel how to make this fun pop of color passion flower!

By Catalina Anghel

  • Satin Ice Gum Paste - white, (mix to make) soft violet & kiwi green
  • Green florist tape
  • Petal dust - kiwi green, violet
  • 28 white gauge wire
  • 33 white gauge wire
  • 18 white gauge wire
  • Paintbrush
  • Universal leaf and petal veiners

Let's Get Started:

Making the white petals:


  • Using white gum paste - make a ball and stretch into an elongated form.
  • With your fingers flatten the shape and insert a 28 gauge wire.
  • Using the cell pin, roll the petal to make it wider.
  • Put the petal into a double sided universal petal veiner and press the petal into the impression.
  • Place the petal aside in to dry.
  • Repeat to make 5 white petals.

Making the soft violet petals:


  • Repeat the steps above to make white petals here to make 5 soft violet petals.

Making the passion flower center:


  • With a small amount of kiwi green gum paste - make the pistol.
  • Cover the end of a 28 white gauge wire - around 1 cm.
  • Make a ball at the end with the gum paste on the wire - and draw a line in the middle of it with the cell pin's sharp end. 
  • Repeat 3 times for 3 pieces.


  • Make 5 little balls and prepare 5 pieces of 28 white gauge wire.


  • Using 1 of the 5 balls - make an elongated shape.
  • Insert a piece of 28 white gauge wire and flatten with your fingers.
  • Pinch a bit of gum paste and make a smaller elongated shape then insert it at the end of our stamen - as you see above. This is where the pollen goes.
  • Using the the end of the cell pin make little dots on the lateral edge of the stamen.


  • Tape together the 3 pistols and twist the floral tape to cover the entire stem.
  • Make a small ball.


  • Insert the ball in the stem and add then 3 pistols.


  • Bend the stamens a bit (right under the paste) and start assembling them under the little ball.
  • Twist floral tape around and secure - and be sure to cover the entire stem.


  • Repeat with the other 4 stamens.


  • Make a ball the size of a chick pea out of the violet gum paste - and give it a cone shape.


  • Insert the center cone thru the center of the stem up under the stamen.
  • Use the cell pin tool and with the sharp end draw lines all around the cone.


  • Prepare 15 pieces of 33 white gauge wire. Cut the wire in 5 pieces each.
  • Use a piece of white gum paste and cover half of the little pice of wire. Repeat with all the pieces.


  • Tape all the white stamens around the center - under the violet cone.
  • Do not assemble more than 3 stamens at a time - and be sure to create a perfect circle.
  • Twist the tape and cover the entire stem.


  • Add a few drops of alcohol to the petal dust.
  • With a paintbrush paint the white stamens, making circles all around the center (like in the image above)
  • Make sure to finish by painting the ends of the stamen.

Painting the petals:


  • On a white paper towel put a bit of petal dust down.
  • Prepare the 5 violet petals by adding the petal dust to both sides of all 5. Make note: Paint the petals using one way strokes. Start from the base and paint up.


  • Paint the white petals by using the kiwi petal dust.


Assembling the Flower:


  • Assemble the 5 violet petals around the center forming a star.
  • Tape one petal at a time and secure.


  • Assemble the white petals.
  • Tape one petal at a time in between and on the back of the violet petals.
  • Assemble all and secure by twisting the floral tape and covering the entire stem with it. 

Making the bud:


  • Grab a styrofoam cone, piece of 18 white gauge wire and a small ball of kiwi colored green gum paste.


  • Insert the wire into the styrofoam cone and secure with a bit of gum paste.


  • Roll out a piece of gum paste big enough to cover the bud.


  • Using a dab of water cover the bud with the green gum paste.
  • Secure it under the bud and twirl it to stay in place. Let dry.


  • Make a ball and shape it into a teardrop.
  • Flatten the tear drop and then roll out.
  • Repeat 4 times to make 4 leaves.


  • Stick the 4 leaves on the bud using a dab of water. Let dry.

Making the leaves:


  • Make a tear drop, flatten and then pinch both sides to make 3 points.
  • Insert a piece of 28 white gauge wire.
  • Roll to make wider.
  • Set aside to dry.
  • Repeat 3 times but with different size starting tear drops (this way we have different size leaves).


  • Take a ball and give it an elongated shape.
  • Flatten with fingers and insert a 28 gauge wire.
  • Roll out to make it larger and wider. Set aside to dry.
  • Repeat 3 times.


  • Once dry - use kiwi green and paint the leaves.


  • Prepare green floral tape and put together the 3 elongated leaves underneath one another.
  • Tape well and secure by swirling around the stem.


  • Open the leaves carefully - first the right and then the left.

Assembling the flower branch:


  • Cover a 18 white gauge wire with green floral tape.
  • Once covered attach the leaves on the stem.


  • Assemble another leaf and then attach the bud to it.


  • Once the bud is attached to the main stem - twist the floral tape to secure and cover the bud stem.
  • Attach the flower in front of the bud. 


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