Fondant Starfish Topper

Top off your "Under the Sea" themed birthday bash with a quick and easy starfish!

By Selma K. Stanley
Little Apple Cakes

  • Red Fondant
  • Fondant tools
  • Petal dust- Mushroom color


Photo 1: Start by making a fondant ball and patting it down, you want the middle to be thick while the edges are a bit thinner.

Photo 2: Make a V cut on top and then make two cuts on the opposite side. Cutting it this way will help you center “arms” and “legs” proportionally.

Photo 3: Last, make V cuts for the arms.

Photo 4: Using your fingers, smooth the sharp edges and pull them out a bit to get that natural look.


Photo 5-6: Using a veining tool score lines from the center to the end of each point of the star.

Photo 7: With a small ball tool make couple of deep marks close to the center. I made three.

Photo 8: Continue marking the whole starfish with ball tool but this time don't press as deep as when you made the markings close to the center.


Photo 9: Change to an even smaller ball tool and repeat same process as photo 8.

Photo 10: Don't forget to mark the sides of the starfish too.

Photo 11: I used some CK Mushroom petal dust and vodka to paint the starfish and give it a bit of a natural and dark shade. When the vodka dries it will leave a nice brownish finish in all the crevices.

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