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Easter Egg Nest Cupcakes

A perfect fondant tutorial to try for the first-time with your kids - and much neater and sweeter than coloring eggs!

By Anne Heap
Pink Cake Box

Easter egg nest

  • Pre-made cupcakes - suggested flavor by Anne: Almond cake with lemon buttercream frosting
  • Buttercream
  • 829 tip
  • Bag with smaller tip 802
  • Satin Ice fondant: brown, white, yellow, pink, green
  • Pizza cutter
  • Ruler
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Edible glitter
  • Filigree liners

To get started:

  • Knead fondant - use brown and ivory to achieve light brown color. Use rolling pin to roll out fondant.

  • Use ruler and pizza cutter to cut thin strips - about 1/8" thick. You will repeat the steps until you have about 8-10 strips about 8" long.
  • Gather the strips and use water on a paintbrush to wet the end. Begin coiling your strips in to form your nest.
  • Continue rolling until you come to the end.
  • Adhere the end by tucking it under the nest. Use water if needed. Press down in the center to make sure you have room for your eggs! Allow the nests to dry overnight. 

  • Roll a ball of light yellow fondant - you can use pastel yellow or mix yellow with white. Shape into an egg with your fingers. Repeat with pastel colors of your choice so there are 3 eggs in each nest. Allow your eggs to dry overnight.
  • Frost your cupcake with an 829 tip.
  • Place your nest on top of the buttercream.
  • Pipe a bit more icing with a smaller tip into the center of the nest.

  • Place your pre-made eggs into your nest

  • Place cupcake in filigree liner and finish off with clear edible glitter.
  • And your decorated cupcake is complete - Happy Easter!

Photography by Tania Pineiro-Colamarino

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