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Bird's Nest Topper

Spring is in the air with this fun and easy bird's nest fondant tutorial.

By Brittany Roberts
Flourless Betty

  • Cornstarch
  • Water and paintbrush
  • Small circle cutter (1.5")
  • Satin Ice fondant - white
  • Food Marker - black
  • Gel paste food coloring: brown, yellow and blue
  • Parchment paper (not pictured below)
  • Rolling pin (not pictured below)

Let's Get Started:

Quick Tips:

  • Use cornstarch when fondant gets sticky. Sometimes the dye can make it very hard to work with; add a little cornstarch. Also use it when rolling out the fondant.
  • I recommend using gloves when dying the fondant or you will have dye everywhere.
  • Be sure to constantly work with the fondant to avoid it from drying - if you are going to take a break, seal the fondant up in plastic wrap.

Step 1 - The Basics:


  • Split your fondant ball into 3 - 2 larger and one very small.
  • Dye one of the larger balls blue and the other brown. Dye the small ball yellow.

Step 2 - The Nest:

  • Roll out a thin piece of brown fondant and use the circle cutter to cut out the base of your nest.
  • Take small pieces at a time and begin rolling the piece in between your hands - then roll on table to lengthen it.
  • Attach the rolled piece to the base with some water and then continue to repeat this step to build up the nest, while alternating the placement of the seams.

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