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Flamingo Cookies

Get on trend with the hottest bird of the summer - flamingos!



By Anshalica Miles
Destiny's Delights Custom Cakes, LLC

  • Satin Ice Fondant - white
  • Flamingo cookie cutter
  • Small rolling pin
  • Water
  • Gel colors - pink
  • Small tip paintbrush
  • Exacto/cutting tool
  • Small leaf cutter (optional)
  • Black edible pen

Let's Get Started:


  • Cut out desired amount of cookies with the flamingo cookie cutter.
  • Bake and cool.


  • Color your Satin Ice white fondant dark pink and light pink. 
  • Make three equal size ropes out of the dark pink, light pink and white.
  • Twist ropes into each other and flatten down to create a marbled effect.


  • Roll out your fondant about 2mm thick and cut out flamingo shape using the same cookie cutter that you used to make your cookies.
  • Cut off legs and beak and paint a little bit of water on the back of your fondant to attach.


  • Using your cutting tool/small leaf cutter - cut the wing out of solid dark pink.
  • Attach with water.


  • Add a small ball of white fondant to create the beak.


  • With edible black marker or gel color - draw on the legs, eye and beak.

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