Fantasy Sugar Flower

By Violet Lin Tran
The Violet Cake Shop


Step 1: Roll out gum paste to 1 mm (or 1/32”) thickness; using a 3.8 cm (or 1.5”) wide 5-petal cutter, make two cut outs.


Step 2: Using the larger end of a ball tool and a thin foam pad, thin out each of the petals by rolling with the tool half on the pad and half on the cutout.


Step 3: Using a shell tool, create vein detailing as shown, on each petal.


Step 4: Use the thin end of a Dresden tool to go over the veining detail and further frill the petals; use a plastic soup spoon as a former to place your veined petal cut out into to set.


Step 5: Roll out green gum paste again to 1 mm (or 1/32”) thickness; using a 5 cm (or 2”) wide 5-petal cutter, make two cut outs; then using a 6.5 cm (or 2.5”) wide 5-petal cutter, make another 2 cut outs.


Step 6: Repeat steps 2-5 to thin and vein these four petals; use a Japanese soup spoon as a former for the mid-sized petals and a cupped Wilton former for the largest sized petals; set all petals aside in their formers overnight or at least 6 hours to dry, before assembling.


Step 7: To assemble, dab some edible glue or add some moistened fresh fondant to the center of each of the dried 5-petal cut outs and stack them one inside the other as shown; add some 3-4 mm (or 1/8”) dragees to the very centre with edible glue; roll a small ball of deep plum paste for each bloom; flatten each ball slightly and moisten with water or edible glue.


Step 8: Attach the small piece of fondant to the back of each fantasy bloom and use water or edible glue to attach each bloom to the top tier; hold each bloom for at least 10 seconds against the side of the cake, until securely in place.

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